Athens Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors President Jeaneane Lilly announced her resignation on Tuesday, citing time constraints and health as reasons.

The resignation was to take effect at the close of the board meeting.

"I have a lot going on. I personally can't keep up with this pace that we've been going through," Lilly said at the meeting in the Athens Partnership Center.

The departure of Lisa Denton as Executive Director is likely to create a struggle for the board, Lilly said.

"It's going to be a transition that I hope will go very smoothly," Lilly said. "I'm scared to death about what's going to happen to the AEDC."

 Denton recently resigned, effective Friday. Until Lilly's position is filled, board Vice President John Trent will step in. The next regularly scheduled AEDC meeting is August 20.

In May, Athens City Council made a major change in the function of the AEDC when the members voted to move move the AEDC Executive Director position into the city government, reporting to City Manager Elizabeth Borstad. That was set to take effect when Denton left the position.

On Tuesday, the board also discussed a bonus for outgoing Executive Director Lisa Denton, who's official last day is Friday. Denton would have been due a bonus of $10,000 for her work with the Biomerics company on behalf of AEDC, should the company fulfill the terms of its agreement.

"She did a lot of work in getting Biomerics in and as you can see they're going to be investing so much more," Lilly said.

At question is whether to pay Denton's budget on her final paycheck or wait until 2021 and see if Biomerics meets its goals. Trent said the AEDC could pay her the bonus on her final check and not tie it to the Biomerics deal. Trent made a motion to pay the bonus and stipulate that it would relieve the AEDC of any further obligation. The motion was seconded by Will Traxson and passed 5 to 1, with Cliff Bomer opposed.

 In other action, the board voted to submit the name of Morgan Jones as a nominee to replace director Cliff Barrett, who resigned in June. Barrett was no longer able to serve on the board because he moved out of the Athens city limits. The city council will make the final choice of a new director.