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TYLER - NET Health has been reporting COVID-19 death information primarily received from area hospitals and nursing homes. The State of Texas has reported larger numbers of COVID-19 deaths per County on its State Dashboard, as compared to NET Health’s COVID-19 reports, by utilizing information obtained from the State of Texas’ death certificates data. COVID-19 deaths are attributed to the county of residence, not where the individual died.

NET Health has been given the ability to access the State of Texas’ death certificate data to compare the deaths that had previously been reported versus the State of Texas’ reporting documents, and its databases have been updated to include this additional death information.

Its review of state death certificate data has shown that NET Health had not been receiving routine reports of COVID-19 deaths for individuals who passed in their homes, in hospices, and at nursing homes and hospitals that are located outside of our seven-county area. This increase is due to the reconciliation of the state’s death totals with local data, and not because of a significant rise in deaths recently.

The county dashboard updates for are accessible by visiting the ‘Confirmed Cases’ link within the ‘News and Updates’ section of NETHealthCOVID19.org

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