Any Henderson County resident who thinks they could stand you lose a few pounds has plenty of company, according to two-year study by Diet Spotlight.

The study shows about 40 percent of the county's adults fall into the obese category, just slightly better than the state and nation as a whole. Obesity is a term that applies to those with a body mass index of 30 or more.

Summer Banks, director of content for the 10-year-old website which gets more than 30 million visitors annually, said the Henderson County data was collected through a voluntary online survey. All the information collected is anonymous.

World Health Organization reports show that as of 2014, the United States average Body Mass Index ranked 17 highest out of more than 200 countries. According to Diet Spotlight, Henderson County men average a BMI of 35.2 and women come in at a BMI of 28.3. The typical weight of men is 242 pounds with women weighing 168 pounds.

The average pounds to lose in Henderson is 58 pounds. That is 6 percent lower than the state average of 62 pounds and 1 percent lower than the U.S. average of 59 pounds.

In Henderson County, the average age of obese men is 47. The average BMI for males is 35.2, approximately 24 percent higher than females.

In Henderson County, the average age of obese women is 44. The average BMI for females is 28.3, approximately 20 percent lower than male.

All states had more than 20 percent of its adults with obesity. The states with the highest rate of occurrence were West Virginia, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Surveys have been completed on about 1,000 counties nationwide, according to has access to weight loss information and more than 10,000 interviews on weight loss products, diets and fitness equipment.