Athens finally got a hint of Autumn on Monday, as cooler temperatures finally made their way into northeast Texas.

The afternoon high at Athens Municipal Airport on Monday didn't climb out of the 70s for the first time since June and the National Weather Service predicts the cooling trend will continue for a couple of days.

The overnight low dropped to 63 degrees where it remained until after 10 a.m., Monday morning.

NWS predicted a low of 56 degrees for Tuesday, with an afternoon high of 80. For Wednesday, the temperature will be a crisp 58 before sunrise, before climbing to 84 in the afternoon.

"The temperatures should actually be a bit above average on Wednesday and Thursday, before some stronger storms come through," Sarah Barnes of the NWS in Fort Worth said.

The upper level storm system is expected to pass through the area late Thursday and remain on Friday.

The high for Friday should reach about 69 degrees and will dip to about 46 overnight. After a clearing on Saturday, the high is expected to top out at 65.

Barnes said the stubborn high pressure ridge that has kept the area warm has moved aside and cool fronts should begin coming through more regularly.

"Hopefully after this week, we may have seen the last of the 90s," Barnes said.

October 2018 provided its share of cool days. The average high for the month was only 75 degrees, while the average low was 58.

The minimum high of 49 degrees was recorded on the 16th. The temperature dipped to 44 degrees that same day, for the monthly low.

The fronts that generated the cool temperatures also brought an unusual amount of clouds and rain. The rainfall total for the month was 9.47 inches.

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