Andi Green

Advertising Director Andi Green joined the newspaper in September 2003 as a receptionist and inside classified salesperson. Within six months, she became the "sales assistant" in the retail advertising department. In July 2005, she applied to replace our departing advertising director. Andi, a twin, was born in Houston. She graduated from high school in Linden, near Texarkana, and in October of the year she graduated, she married her high school sweetheart.

The couple has two children, both boys. Andi who says she was once a "girly girl," says having two sons has changed that. Andi & Jim relocated to Athens when he went to work as a supervisor at Hanson Brick here. When they arrived here, she worked as a "casual employee" with the Post Office. She left the Post Office to join the newspaper, with her goal being a sales position.

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