Athens Review, Athens, Texas

October 30, 2013

10/20/13 East Texas Fishing Report

The Athens Review

Athens — Here is the East Texas Fishing Report for the week of October 30:

ATHENS — Water level is 3.79 feet low and fairly. Water temp in the upper 60s.

Max Logan at Lake Athens Marina says bass are slow overall. A few in the 4-5 pound range reported on Rat-L-Traps fished around hydrilla beds in 15 feet of water.

Crappie fishing has been good. Several limits reported on live shiners soaked around brush piles in 15-20 feet of water. Bream are hanging around the same areas, hitting crickets.

CEDAR CREEK — Water level is 6.49 feet low and stained. Water temp in the high 60s.

Fishing guide Jason Barber says crappie are good around brush piles at multiple depths from 6-15 feet and around bridge pilings. Jigs and shiners producing equally well.

Catfishermen are picking up some solid blues in shallow water 3-6 feet deep, mainly on fresh cut or whole shad. Also some fish hanging around deeper main lake drops and humps.

Hybrids and white bass hitting swim baits and slabs on humps and main lake points in 12-20 feet. Also some fish hitting 'Traps in the shallows.

Barber says black bass are taking spinnerbaits, shallow cranks, jigs and buzz baits around rock and shoreline junk in 1-8 feet of water.

PALESTINE — Water level is 1.11 feet low and clear. Water temp in the high 60s.

Fishing guide Ricky Vandergriff says bass are good around boat houses with brush, mainly on Shimmy Shakers and jigs. Best areas are 4-5 feet deep. Carolina rigs and deep cranks also producing some fish on points in 10-18 feet.

Crappie are slow. Catfish are excellent on blood bait and punch bait fished on bottom in 13 feet. White bass are slow.

FORK — Water level is 5.91 feet low and fairly clear. Water temp in the upper 60s.

Fishing guide Marc Mitchell says bass are holding around stumps near creeks or ditches, hitting Texas rig beaver style baits.

Big wood in 2-5 feet of water seems to be the key. Also some fish coming on cranks and Chatterbaits worked between stumps in the same areas. Some fish hitting frogs and buzz baits fished around grass beds in 2-7 feet, mainly early in the day.

Gary Hanson says crappie are hit and miss around bridges, suspended near cross members at 18 feet. Brush piles are very slow.  

Also some fish moving to main lake points near the dam in 20 feet. The fish are holding tight to bottom.

NACOGDOCHES — Water level is 3.07 feet low and clear down south, slightly stained up north. Water temp in the low 70s, upper 60s.

Bass are good to eight pounds on swim jigs, wacky worms and Senkos tossed around grass beds in 4-8 feet of water.

Also some fish reported on deep cranks, Carolina rigs and jigs fished on main lake structure in 15-20 feet of water.

No report on crappie.

SAM RAYBURN — Water level is 7.13 feet low and clear. Water temps in the 70s, upper 60s.

Fishing guide Tommy Martin said bass fishing has been good for numbers of fish up to three pounds on swim jigs, Zara Spooks and buzz baits, mostly around shallow hydrilla beds.

Out deeper the fish are hitting drop shots in 25 feet of water on along drops offs with clean bottoms.

Ann Wilson at Ann's Tackle says crappie fishing has been fair around brush piles in 25-28 feet, suspend at 15-18 feet. Minnows are the deal.  

TOLEDO BEND — Water level is 4.61 feet low and clear. Water temp in low 70s. Martin says light Texas rigs matched with Trick Worms are producing some decent numbers of keeper size bass on main lake structure in 20 feet of water. The guide says the better quality fish are coming down south on jigs flipped in grass in 14-16 feet.

Charlie Shively at Bill's Landing says catfishing is picking up on trotlines. Good numbers of flatheads and blues to 20 pounds take cut perch on stump hook rigs on flats in 5-9 feet of water. Rod and reelers are picking up blues on punch bait and cut shad soaked on shallow stump flats. Channel cat are best on the edge of the Sabine in 10-12 feet of water.

Shively says crappie are hit and miss on the edges of the river; 20 fish is a good day covering lots of water.

PINKSTON — Water level about four feet low and clear. Water temp in the low 70s, upper 60s.

Bass fishermen reporting mixed results on Senkos, swim baits and light Texas rigs fished around outside grass lines. Crappie are hit and miss around brush piles.