Athens Review, Athens, Texas

April 20, 2013

AHS BASEBALL: Special friendship

Gross, Sharp guide each other through experiences that have shaped their lives as student athletes

Joe Elerson
The Athens Review

Athens — Lifelong friendships can form in many different ways during our lives and for two Athens High School baseball players that bond has helped shape their lives as solid student athletes.

Senior catcher Gabe Gross and Clint Sharp have many similarities since a very young age.

The two met during the second grade when Sharp moved to Athens and was assigned to a room with Gross.

Their passion for the game of baseball flourished at that point.

“I think the bond that we have had all of these years has made our friendship stronger,” Gross said. “We might get mad at each other sometimes but we are always trying to get better. I know I can always count on him and vice versa.”

Sharp: “It has always meant a lot. I can always count on Gabe not just on the field but out of school and baseball he has always been there for me to help me out getting through baseball and everything else. He has always kept my spirt up and the whole team spirits up and encouraging us to make us get better.”

Gross and Sharp also have seen their mothers deal with breast cancer.

They say dealing with that as friends has helped make it easier for each other to deal with.

“Mine happened during the seventh and eighth grade and luckily I wasn’t too much aware of it,” Gross said. “He helped me out through mine and we talked. When I found out about his mom, I called him and we called him and told him if you ever needed anybody to talk to I can do it.”

Sharp said knowing that Gabe had experienced it earlier helped answer questions he had regarding her cancer.

“He helped me get through it and I didn’t know much about it,” Sharp said. “Since his mother had it before my mom, he was able to get me more aware of how it would go down. Since they were able to catch it quick enough, it is going to be all right.”

Another bond the two seniors have is they have relatives that are serving in the Army.

Clint’s brother and Gabe’s brother-in-law are currently serving our country.

Both players acknowledged how important their teammates have been to their success.

Clint has also been injured through the latter part of the season.

“It was pretty tough and the team was there to pick me up. I am able to come out during practice and the coach has let me help him coach and be there on the sidelines and cheer them up.”

“They are great and we have been playing together since we were in pee-wee ball,” Gross said. “That has made us stronger and we can get mad at each other and then in two seconds turn it right around with no matter who it is on this team. It has been a very good year so far.”