Athens Review, Athens, Texas

February 12, 2014

HIGH SCHOOL POWERLIFTING: Massive feats of strength

Five local teams finish in top 10 at Malakoff Invitational

Joe Elerson
The Athens Review

MALAKOFF — Henderson County area powerlifting teams had a strong showing on Saturday at the Malakoff Invitational Powerlifting meet held at Malakoff High School.

For the girls, Kemp won the meet with a total of 32 points, while Malakoff finished in sixth and Malakoff had a ninth place finish in the team standings. The Eustace Lady Dogs finished in 11th place.

On the boys’ side, Mabank finished fifth in the team standings, while Kemp, Malakoff and Eustace finished in 10th, 11th and 12th respectively.

In the 97-pound division, Kemp’s Sarah Farley won the meet, while Mabank’s Maddie Marlor and Caley Starkes finished in sixth and seventh place.

In the 105-pound division, Kemp’s Kayla Hale was second, while Mabank’s Lucy Reveles was third and Ashley McKee was sixth.

In the 114-pound division, Kemp’s Dezie Dowd was third, while Mabank’s Erin Reeder and Kelsey Clark were fifth and seventh place respectively. Eustace lifter Samantha Crocker was eighth and Malakoff’s Harmony Matthews was ninth.

In the 123-pound division, Kemp’s Kelsey Gage was fifth and Eustace lifter Kelsie Richmond was eighth.

The 132-pound division saw Kinsey Rogers from Kemp finish in fifth place, while Michaela Rowen from Eustace and Kelsey Lamb from Kemp finish in seventh and eighth place.

In the 148-pound division, Kemp lifters Brianna Pavatt, Jacque Cooper and Sedi Milholland finished in first, third and fourth. Mabank’s Shelby Hall was second in the 148-pound class.

Malakoff’s Candace Denis won first place finish in the 165-pound division, while Eustace lifters Ashley Purselley and Kristen Wilson were seventh and eighth. Malakoff’s Mackenzie Bearden was ninth.

In the 181-pound division, Malakoff’s Deondra Dowell was the runner-up with a lift of 760 pounds.

In the 198-pound division, Eustace lifters Caitlyn Culp and Jessica Miller were seventh and eighth place respectively.

Eustace lifter Sunni Goodell led the way in the 220-pound division with a first place finish, while Mabank’s Deanna Lane was third, Malakoff’s Kelsey Reynolds was fifth and Courtney Wallace was seventh.

In the 220+-pound division, Kemp’s Julissa Lopez was third and Malakoff’s Tori Barker was fifth.

On the boys’ side, Mabank’s Hunter Caves finished in second place in the 114-pound class, while Eustace lifter Alec Marable was fourth.

The 123-pound division had Kemp’s Jesus Perez in third, Eustace lifter Ethen Hoops in fourth and Malakoff lifters Bryce Ivey and Joseph Stegall in fifth and sixth place.

In the 132-pound division, Kemp lifters Trent Fischer and James Kimbrell were fifth and sixth, while Mabank’s Matt Cochrane and Eustace lifter Jude Bonner were eighth and ninth respectively.

In the 148-pound division, Kemp’s Olice Rogers was second, Eustace’s Justin Griffin was fourth and K Crossland from Kemp was fifth. Kemp’s Oscar Lujan and Mabank’s Tommy Norman were seventh and eighth place respectively.

In the 165-pound division, Mabank’s Colt Conway won the division, while Kemp’s Daniel Garcia was sixth.

In the 181-pound division, Malakoff’s Braylon Cable was sixth, and Mabank’s Ty Winklevoss was ninth.

In the 198-pound division, Mabank’s Clay Carson was third, while Malakoff’s Emanuel Gonzalez was eighth and Malakoff’s Wally Shrout was 11th.

In the 220-pound division, Malakoff’s Corey Rosa was sixth and Peyton Lowrie was eighth.

In the 242-pound division, Malakoff’s Nelson Ochoa was the runner-up, while Eustace lifter Lionel Garcia was fourth and Mabank’s Noel Rojo was ninth place.

Kemp’s Luke Linebaugh led the area lifters in the 275-pound division with a fourth place finish, while Malakoff’s Diego Medina was fifth.

Rounding out the area lifters were Malakoff’s Thomas Acol with a third place finish in the super heavyweight’s, while Malakoff’s Israel Chavez finished in eighth place.