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May 29, 2014

Training with the Apaches

AHS senior Nicole Till heading to Tyler Junior College in the fall

Athens — Athletic trainers are the backbone to any high school program.

For Athens senior Nicole Till, her realiability as a trainer will take her to Tyler Junior College and the  Apaches Sports Medicine program.

Till has signed a college letter of intent to join head trainer Eddy McGuire’s staff in the fall.

“It means a lot to me because this is what I love to do,” Till said. “I love working with athletes and being in an athletic setting keeps me super excited. I am excited to move on to bigger and better things. I hope to go further than TJC with this career.”

She said she was impressed with the way the program is run at TJC.

“I went and looked at the campus and loved the campus,” Till said. “When I met Doc, he was awesome and I loved how his program was set up. He has the personality that you want to be around as an athletic trainer. He will let you know what you need to know when you need to know it.”

Athens High School trainer Rebecca Wilder said she will definitely be missed.

“I hate to lose her but naturally she has to go on,” Wilder said. “I hope for her one day to become a trainer and carry on the legacy of being an athletic trainer.”

Athens athletic director Paul Essary gave his appreciation and congratulations to Till on the next step in her academic career choice.

“I am very proud of Nicole and I want to say congratulations to her and her family,” Essary said. “It is a great honor and I know that she will do great things. She will make us proud and we are very proud of her.”

In her first assignment as an athletic trainer, Till will come back to Bruce Field on August 30 for the regular season opener between the Apaches visit Bruce Field to face the Trinity Valley Community College Cardinals.

She said it will be interesting to see TVCC head trainer Troy Scott.

“It will feel weird since the TVCC trainer was my freshman and sophomore athletic trainer,” Till said. “That will be kind of weird but I know it will be fun and it will be worth it.”

Till said learning how to fill out the paperwork for players in each sport is one area were time is vital in her line of work.

“The paperwork is time consuming but it is not that big as you think it is,” Till said. “They (coaches and athletic director) can understand what you are telling them in each sport so it is not that hard to deal with the paperwork.”

Till said the off season will be one where she will work on getting back in the swing of things for all of the sports she will cover.

“I think there are a lot of things that I can improve on like getting back into areas that I have not worked on since basketball season,” Till said.

She said she hopes to perfect one particular skill in college.

“I need to learn their way of taping and getting that down,” Till said. “I hope that I can tape my first year because that will be a big accomplishment in my first year as a trainer.”

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