Athens Review, Athens, Texas

April 4, 2013


ACP’s West and Chanie sign college letters with Jacksonville College

The Athens Review

Athens — Athens Christian Preparatory Academy seniors Katie West and Cayla Chanie are headed to the next level in their soccer careers.

The two seniors from ACP signed their college letters of intent to play at Jacksonville College Wednesday morning.

“I think it is really great. It is nice to be on a team that is the founding team and second that it is a small school and Cayla and I have always wanted to go to a small school,” West said.

Chanie said having the chance to play with West made it that much more special.

“She has been my best friend since I was a little kid so it is great to play with her,” Chanie said. “I like the fact that it is close to home with a nice environment. He (Gonzalez) is a great coach and I really like him a lot. The school is great and everyone is really nice there.”

Jacksonville coach Rafael Gonzalez said he was pleased to sign the two players to his first year squad.

“Both girls when they came out as a coach you can tell when there is talent and both girls came out and did very, very well,” Gonzalez said. “I knew at that moment that I needed to get those girls here.”

West said the adjustment will be interesting the first day of classes.

“I think the main thing will be getting used to playing with a new team,” West said. “It will also be interesting going into a new environment and she and I are no longer the leaders.”

Chanie said the transition will be interesting for her this fall.

“It will be a little more difficult for me because I have not played at the big stadiums,” Chanie said. “It should be fine since I have played against guys and I think the competition will be easier since it is girls but I don’t want to jinx myself.”

Gonzalez said the main thing he will work on with West and Chanie is getting their confidence up for college level soccer.

“I expect a lot from every player and the confidence is what I am wanting them to have,” Gonzalez said. “I think they have the skills to play at that level and I think the confidence will be something they need to work on and I think they will be successful.”