Athens Review, Athens, Texas

May 18, 2013

5/18 MAIL CALL: Patriots, or traitors?

The Athens Review

MALAKOFF — The supposedly patriotic racist white supremacist and radical secessionist groups, the Glen Beckian, (fired by Faux News for his off-the-cliff conspiracies) and the NRA/Gun Lobby sheeples who all claim that background checks on guns favored by 90 percent of Americans would violate the second amendment, and, if enacted, would start a “culture war!” They desperately want you to believe that when the founding fathers wrote the second amendment, what they meant “Buy More Guns!” and stockpile those guns at your houses just in case the good patriots have to rise up against the “Bad Feds.”

Before they get your money, as you march in lock step with Guv Oops, Ted Cruz and all of those at the NRA Houston convention who all seem to endlessly revel in promoting paranoia against their own government, I have two words for you: Whiskey Rebellion! In 1794 while in his second term, traitors, not patriots, was the word that the father of our country, President George Washington called those leading that rebellion, when he ordered fellow founding father, Alexander Hamilton, to call up 15,000 men and march on Pennsylvania. Those who didn’t slink away into the night before the real “patriots” showed up, were successfully tried in 1795 in America’s first treason trial!

Under President Lincoln, South Carolina, who fired first (The NRA’s new president is obviously clueless about real history!) and attacked the U.S. Army Post at Ft. Sumter. Eventually Lincoln began to deeply believe that slavery was an unjustifiable and indefensible evil, and his resolve became to preserve the Union, and so today, we can pledge allegiance to “One nation, INDIVISIBLE, with liberty and justice for all.”

If 800,000 Americans died in the Civil War, wouldn’t a “culture war” be a dream come true for terrorists today?

Margie Lynch