Athens Review, Athens, Texas

May 4, 2013

5/4 MAIL CALL: Can you hear me now? Please turn it down!

The Athens Review

ATHENS — Today I was driving home and had to stop to cross Highway 19. A white SUV pulled up behind me and had his music and bass so loud that my ears were actually hurting in my car.

His windows were halfway down so I am guessing that if he rolled his windows up his ears would bleed, thus, the windows were down. I had my windows down in the front since my  a/c doesn’t work and if I had rolled them up I am wondering if the glass would have shattered from the vibrations.

I tried to get him to turn the music down. I got out of my car and had to yell to get him to hear me. I asked him to turn the music down because it was hurting my ears, which he did, but the moment I got back in my car, the music went back up.

I know that these young people (no, I am not ancient, just old) think that listening to their music that loud is cool, but out of respect for other people and our hearing, could they please, please, please, turn down the music just in case there are people out there with either sensitive ears or for those people who don’t want to lose the fillings in their teeth from the bass vibrations?

And for their own hearing, do they realize that they are making themselves deaf and damaging their ears by listening to it that loud? Do they care?

Please, turn down your music, if not for your sake, then for the sake of those other drivers on the road.

Helen Sievers