Athens Review, Athens, Texas

May 4, 2013

5/4 MAIL CALL: Obama’s priorities are clearly out of whack

The Athens Review

MALAKOFF — It appears our President cannot take a definitive position on anything, except, of course, Obama Care, abortion, GLBT rights, including same sex marriage.  

According to Obama and his “team,” there is no such thing as radical Islam or terrorist attacks.  Obama’s Justice Department rushed in to read rights to a radical Islamic killer halting interrogation.  Under this President, Justice makes sure people who attack our country and cross our borders illegally get preferential treatment.  

Originally Obama said he was drawing a red line over which the Syrian regime could not cross in using chemical weapons against its people. Then Obama said if Assad used chemical weapons he would consider it a game changer. We have pictures of people covered in powder, including children, others dying on hospital stretchers, and verifiable reports that chemical weapons were used. Now Mr. Obama says we have to follow the evidence, gather all the facts, have proof, because if we do not, it would reflect badly on the United States and could damage our credibility with the international community.  

Obama damaged our reputation internationally his first two years in office when he traveled around the world, bowed to foreign powers and apologized for the United States. Obama is making the most powerful and prosperous nation in the world into a third-rate country. The world lost respect for the United States in his first term, long before he wavered on the Syrian show down.

At Obama’s recent press conference when questioned about the whistle blowers in the Benghazi fiasco being threatened if they come forth, and the State Department denying they had received a request for an attorney to have clearance to receive classified information, he said he was not aware of it. Yet Obama took time the day before to call and congratulate an NBA player who revealed he was gay.  

What are the priorities?

Linda Gallatin