Athens Review, Athens, Texas

August 27, 2012

There’s so many reality shows – I like some, don’t like others

Kathi Nailling
The Athens Review

Athens — Reality, reality and more reality. Reality shows, as they call them,  are the biggest thing on TV right now. I don't get it. I am not sure you call the Real Housewives reality. But that show sure has made a lot of people famous. For what? Being mean?

Many of the housewives are what I like to call “Weekend Millionaires.” Every year, one of them is filing for bankruptcy.  They live in houses they can't afford. By the way, who pays for these lavish parties and vacations?

Most likely the networks trying to keep the show interesting send these women, who really don't like each other, to an island for vacation.  Or put them all in a room together to watch it explode. More entertainment. 

These mean women can't be nice.  If they were nice, they would not be a real housewife.  If I had friends like them, I sure wouldn't need any enemies. These women are too caught up in their lives to care about the real world. 

I realize it is a show for entertainment value. Really? I am embarrassed for them. Like they care what I think.

Survivor was the original reality show. I admit I did watch survivor when it first started. Not so much now.  I have my choice of reality. Why do I need Survivor?

When Richard Hatch took his clothes off, everyone was like “Oh, my god! He took his clothes off.” That is tame compared to what is on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Amazing Race used to interest me, but I have gotten away from it. These shows I kind of understand. They are competing for money, and a lot of it. Same goes for Big Brother. It's all about the money.

Are we living our lives vicariously through these reality series? As sad as that is, it may be true.

Now there is a new show on TLC called Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Yes that is the name. It's about a little 6-year-old girl who is a beauty pageant kid. I think they first discovered this child on Toddlers and Tiaras, another realty show about pageants.

Honey Boo Boo, not her real name, lives in some little town in Georgia. The series follows her mother, father, three sisters and her. The kids all have unusual names.  These are real country folks.

I can't even explain what this show is about. It is probably more reality than the housewife shows. They don't pretend to be something they are not. These people look like poor Georgians.

But I don't know their financial status, that's just the way they look.

The reality show, Toddlers and Tiaras, is about children in beauty pageants. The one where they put makeup, wigs and false teeth on a 3-year-old. The mom who put the fake breasts and bottom on her 6-year-old has got to have a major problem. Lady, this kid will be an adult soon enough. Don't rush it.

There is one reality show I do like. It’s “Duck  Dynasty.” I love it.  The people on  this show are are a hoot. They created a duck caller, and made millions. An extended family from somewhere in Louisiana. Hillbillies, yes. Funny, absolutely.

But don't kid yourself there is nothing stupid about this group. I just think it's interesting that you can be worth millions by selling duck callers. I am sure there are other things they produce, but they started with the duck caller. This show comes on A&E.

Pawn Stars is a great show.  When I watch Pawn Stars, I always get a little history lesson. I don't so much like the son, but the dad and grandfather are funny.  Of course, I love Chumley. You have to watch the show to understand the characters.

Okay the reality shows I do watch are on Investigation Discovery. Don't think I am weird, but I love Deadly Women, Wicked Attraction, Who The Bleep Did I Marry, Behind Mansion Walls, Dates From Hell, 48 Hours on ID, On The Case With Paula Zahn and the Nightmare Next Door.

Okay I am a little strange. I hope I am not living my life vicariously through these shows.

As for the housewife shows, they should do a Real Housewives of Gun Barrel City or Real Housewives of Cedar Creek Lake. Now that would be interesting. It could be a combination between Real Housewives and Nightmare Next Door.

I live in Gun Barrel City so I can say these things. Please don't crucify me – I am joking.  I want reality come to Cedar Creek Lake.

I sound like I watch these shows. You can't help but know they are on.  I am a channel surfer. When a commercial is on, I switch to any channel that doesn't have a commercial.

Okay, yes, I have watched many of these shows. I have to watch them, so I know what everyone is talking about.

Kathi Nailling is a Staff Writer for the Athens Daily Review.