Athens Review, Athens, Texas

July 17, 2012

People who abuse animals, and other people will always exist

Kathi Nailling
Gun Barrel City

Athens — The 4-year-old pug-mix was scared. She had been tortured. Needless to say she didn't trust anyone. Thank goodness the good samaritans that found “Hope” did not give up on her.

The dog was found with a swollen tongue, and with a number of knife wounds on her.  The woman who found her could not even tell what was wrong.

She did finally realize that was her tongue hanging out her mouth. Animal Control said it was the worst case of animal abuse it had encountered in 11 years.

Volunteers took time out of their day to search for Hope. Still scared, the dog avoided the people trying to save her. The did finally locate Hope. A veterinarian in North Texas took in Hope, to try to save her life. Her story has a good ending. They think Hope will survive, and not lose much of her tongue.

Wouldn't it be good if all animal abuse cases have this ending. But most don't end so good. They will die at the hands of their owners, or maybe even a stranger. The fact is there are animals every minute of the day being abused.


This was one of the most horrible things I had ever heard or read. I know other animals are mistreated, but this one came with pictures. It made it so much more real. You could see evil in whoever hurt that dog.

I don't expect everyone to be a dog lover like me, but I do expect most people to respect any form of life.

I don't advocate turning an animal into the shelter, just because you are tired of having a pet. A pet is a life-long commitment. When you make the decision to get a pet, it should be like adopting a child. It's yours for their life span.

Recently I read a story about a young girl who was kept in a chicken coup as punishment. Recently, I heard they made her wear a shocker collar. This girl was someones daughter or sister. Unfortunately it was her parents who locked her up. No respect for life.

Like Hope, what could this girl have done that is so bad?

I hope this young girl grows up to know not everyone is as bad as the people who put her in the cage. But there are people who are bad. I hope she learns to tell the difference. She will need some professional help to get over her experience.

Elderly are another high-risk group for abuse. Just because we age, does not give anyone the right to take advantage of us.

If you live long enough, you will be vulnerable to people who want to take advantage of you. I hope you are lucky enough to have family who will protect you.

Why do people abuse the ones that can help themselves?  I just answered my own question. Animals, children and the elderly can't fight back.

I am glad Hope will be okay.  I can sleep now, without seeing the poor dog in my dreams. If we would make our laws stricter on abuse this kind of thing may be avoided.

But who knows? People who abuse children, animals or elderly will always exist. All we can do is protect the animals and people we can.

Please support your humane societies. The organizations are overwhelmed with animals being abandoned.

Kathi Nailling is a Staff Writer for the Athens Daily Review.