The Tool City Council took action to grant a Certificate of Occupancy (CO)  to the Sweet Home RV Park and Laundromat.

According to the motion made by Mayor Pro-tem Donny Daniel, the CO is contingent on the removal of all mobile homes. Vehicles in place more than 180-days will be grandfathered in, provided they are up to building code, including placed on a foundation. The council approved the motion unanimously.

The issue of the CO came up when the owner of the RV park, Steve Cox, tried to sell his park. Cox said he was never asked to have a CO. He said he was told he was grandfathered in before the city ordinance creating the CO went into effect.  Cox said he wanted to sell the property for use as it currently is.

Jason Berent, the  attorney representing Cox, asked the city to reconsider its vote on the RV park. Daniel said the vote had been taken, and is final.

Berent said because the council had never taken action on the issue of the CO, the RV park should be grandfathered.  He said the RV park would pursue all legal action.

“The city can do it the hard way, or the easy way,” Berent said. “We have the law on our side.”

After the meeting, Mayor Pro-tem Daniel apologized to Berent for not recognizing him before the vote was taken. According to City Secretary Makenzie Blaser, Daniel told Berent that if he wanted the council to reconsider its action,  he could ask to be put on a future agenda.

Blaser said the council voted on what Cox had requested.

“All we are asking is for them is to comply with what they asked for.”

Blaser indicated the issue will need to be between Berent and the city attorney.

In action on other agenda items:

• Allied Waste informed the city there will be new trash pickup days. A representative from Allied Waste said all customers will be notified by mail of the day of the week their trash will be picked up.

• The council appointed Councilmen Mike Barr and Randy Whitehurst to the committee to interview candidates for the fire chief of the City of Tool Volunteer Fire Department. Blaser said there have yet to be any applicants for the position.

• Blaser and Tool City Police Chief Rickye Feist were appointed to represent the city in pending mediation with a previous employee.

• The city announced its upcoming Fall Festival. This will be the sixth year the city has held the festival on Oct. 31.

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