TOOL — A late-night attempt to help friends with an ailing boat, has resulted in a collision that killed a woman near the Don’s Port Marina area.

Shana Williams, 39, the daughter of the former owner of Athens Automotive, Sonny Hyde, was killed in the mishap.

Also, severely injured in the collision, was 38-year-old Tony Tudor. David Lancaster was also on the boat, but not believed to have been seriously injured.

Information was sketchy from Henderson County Game Warden’s office, but according to Henderson County Sheriff’s Department the 911 call came in on June 7 at 12:30 a.m.

Six people were inside the boat. Survivors told authorities they were checking trout lines earlier.

According to information provided by Henderson County Sheriff Ray Nutt, the victims received a cell call from another boat on the lake that was having problems.

The group found the boat and pulled it into Don’s Port. The six people in the other boat then left the marina.

“They just throttled up and ran into the water intake out there in the middle of the lake, just outside of Don’s Port,” Nutt said.

One of those six, 26-year-old Phillip Maddox swam to shore and asked homeowners for help.

Robert Power, a patrol officer with the Sheriff’s Department, responded to the call, according to Nutt.

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