With the influx of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat, questions surround the privacy of the Internet world.

The Trinity Valley Community College Read Through The Valley book project has taken on the issue as a focal topic.

The RTTV book project started four years ago. The intent of the program was for the college to adopt a single book. The students were encouraged to read the book, and attend various events focused on the book's plot.

The goal was to inspire students to read for pleasure, and enhance their experience outside of the classroom.

RTTV held many events, including a rally in the plaza, book club meetings, a video showing, athletic competitions, field trips, food tastings and art shows.

“One of the most popular events has been listening to the numerous speakers who were invited to speak on campus,” said Dr. Marianne Leeper, professor of history at TVCC.

This year, the RTTV committee decided to change up the protocol, instead of selecting a book.  The committee decided to select a focal topic. Speakers have been invited to speak and facilitate a discussion on a particular aspect of the focal topic.

The discussion topic will be on social media. The first speaker is Kyle Henderson.

“Henderson will talk on the ethics and use of social media,” Leeper said.

Henderson will be at TVCC on Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 7 p.m. in LRC 110 in the TVCC Library.

Leeper said the RTTV committee invites all students, faculty and community members to attend. Admission is free, and refreshments will be served.

For general information about the RTTV issue on ethics and use of social media, check out the website http://libguides.tvcc.edu/readthroughthevalley.

For more information, visit the TVCC home page website www.tvcc.edu.

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