More than a month after the 2009 Henderson County tax statements were sent out, many property owners are still waiting to receive them.

Tax Assessor/ Collector Milburn Chaney said several individuals from the west side of the county have contacted his office reporting that they’re still waiting for their bill.

“It seems to be centered around the Mabank, Tool and Trinidad areas,” Chaney said. “In fact, a man walked in just a few minutes ago, and asked about his statement. We looked, and it was a Mabank-area address.”

The goal each year is to get the statements in the mail around Oct. 1. Sometimes, circumstances can move the date back a few days.

This year, Chaney’s office carried more than 100,000 of the documents to the Athens Post Office on Oct. 6. Many taxpayers began receiving their statements by the following day.

“The post office here even helped us unload them,” Chaney said. “It takes us several loads, and they even helped us put them on the dock. So they know we mailed them.”

Adding to the puzzle is the fact that none of the mailings were returned as undeliverable, Chaney said. So far, the post office has no idea of the whereabouts of the missing tax bills.

“We can’t afford to re-mail them all,” Chaney said. “It cost about $23,000 in postage.”

There’s still plenty of time for those who haven’t received statements to contact Chaney’s office, and get their tax information.

Property owners have until the end of January to pay the bill. After that time, it becomes past due, and a penalty will be added to the total.

Prior to this year, the county offered a 3-percent discount for payment in October, 2-percent for November and 1-percent for December, but that was eliminated by a vote of Commissioners Court.

“We’re hoping people will realize they don’t have them, and call us to see what the amount is,” Chaney said.

The county tax office can be reached at (903) 675-6145.

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