The father of a local teen severely burned during a weekend accident said his son is recovering, though that process could take a long time.

Willy Robson said Tuesday his 16-year-old son, Cody, is being treated for his injuries at Parkland Hospital. Cody suffered burns on about 36 percent of his body.

“If it wasn’t clothed, it was burned,” Mr. Robson said. “He’s going to be just fine. It’s just day-to-day as to what (doctors) are going to have to do. His injuries are nowhere close to life-threatening.”

Cody was preparing to burn a brush pile in a burn pit when the accident happened. Mr. Robson disputed initial reports that two-and-a-half gallons of gasoline were poured on the pile. Instead, he said, it is likely a pocket of methane gas had built up in the burn pit as a result of a build-up of water and bacteria.

“It didn’t matter what he put in it,” Mr. Robson said. “It was going to blow.”

The explosion, caused when Cody attempted to light the burn pit, was heard throughout the nearby area, according to various reports.

Cody suffered mostly second-degree burns and some third-degree burns. He was careflighted to Parkland. Doctors are still unsure if Cody will receive skin grafts, Mr. Robson said.

Mr. Robson offered thanks to firefighters and Emergency Medical Services workers, whom he said handled the situation correctly. He also expressed confidence in doctors at Parkland Hospital, which he said is world-famous for the high quality of its burn unit.

“We feel very blessed and are very fortunate and thankful for everyone’s concern and everyone’s prayers,” he said.

Cody is an accomplished swimmer and Eagle Scout. He earned a state championship in YMCA competition several years ago and was one of five freshman in Texas to make it to the state competition.

As an Eagle Scout, he holds the position of Lodge Chief — making him the head of about 3,000 Eagle Scouts in North Texas — of the Mikanakawa Lodge.

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