The Henderson County Commissioners Court voted Tuesday to abandon a section of road often traversed by illegal hunters, drug users and other workers of mischief.

The 1.5 miles of County Road 1311 is located near Cross Roads, and stretches from the entrance of the Trinity Materials plant to the entrance of Sanctuary Ranch.

The county action will allow the land owners to place a gate at the entrance to the property. The county will cease upkeep on the road.

“This is something we have discussed before,” Precinct 1 Commissioner Joe Hall said. “All of the property owner’s would like to see us abandon it.”

The county abandoned 1.8 miles of the road seven years ago, Hall said.

“They were having the same problem there then,” Hall said. “People going out there hunting, and shooting cows. They do drugs, and all kinds of mischief.”

In other action Tuesday, Commissioners approved a contract for user licenses for AbleTerm software for scanning and maintaining legal documents.

The county began making the move to the new system in 2007, when departments began to experience a logjam trying to scan documents.

Commissioners also took the following actions Tuesday;

• accepted a payment from the City of Poynor in the amount of $4,264 for road materials used in street repairs;

• accepted a bid for lots 94 and 95 in the Siesta Shores subdivision in Precinct 2;

• accepted a bid for lot 62 in the Sandy Shores subdivision in Precinct 2 and

• authorized payment of bills in the amount of $220.296.

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