Chris Sligh, at left, poses with wife Sarah.

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Mention the popular American Idol show to David Sligh and he will quickly tell you about his favorite Idol contestant, Chris Sligh. Chris is the nephew of Cedar Creek Lake area residents David and Marie Sligh.

Although Chris grew up in Germany and lives in Greenville, S.C., with his wife, Sarah, he still has strong ties to Texas.

David’s brother, Chuck — Chris’ dad — was born in San Antonio. Chuck and David’s mom — Chris’s paternal grandmother — Norma Sligh, who passed away several years ago, was very proud of being a “born and bred” Texan. Norma met and married Chris’ granddad, Al Sligh, while Al was stationed at Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio.

Chris, who has quickly become a frontrunner in the singing contest, due to his great voice and funny disposition, spent most of his growing up years in a U.S. military community in Wiesbaden, Germany, with his two brothers, Jon and Allen, and his parents, Chuck and Susan Sligh.

The 28-year-old musician caught the eyes and ears of American Idol judges Simon Cowell, Paul Abdul and Randy Jackson during auditions in Birmingham, Ala., and is now one of the final 20 contestants who will vie for a $1 million recording contract as the next American Idol.

For his Birmingham audition, Chris Sligh sang “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal and was quickly put through to Hollywood. But the young crooner might have an alternative career as a comedian.

Before his audition, he told the cameras: “Some people tell me I look like Jack Osborne, some people say that I look like Jack Black, but when I look in the mirror every morning, it’s not those people I see, it’s Christina Aguilera that I see in the mirror, and I think that’s who my body looks like most.”

Chris’ best line came when Randy Jackson asked him why he was there.

“I really want to make David Hasselhoff cry,” Sligh said, referring to how David Hasselhoff cried when Taylor Hicks won last year’s American Idol 5.

All in all, it’s been an exciting American Idol season for David and Marie Sligh.

David said that being on Idol has long been a dream of Chris’.

“Chris, who is a young man with morals and a commitment to his family and faith would be a great American Idol number six — but it won’t happen without the votes coming in,” David said.

Chris performed on Tuesday’s episode of American Idol. Vote for Chris during Thursday’s show on Fox.

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