Election office

Henderson County elections officials have been busy this week as they prepare for Nov. 6.

"We're filling ballot requests for absentee ballots," Elections Administrator Denise Hernandez said. "There were 1,800 requests this year."

Something is going on at the elections office all year, but the pace is picking up with the balloting about six weeks away.

"We just got our ballots in yesterday," Hernandez said. "There's a process you have to do. Yesterday, we had to count and make sure they sent us the proper amount of ballots that we had ordered. Every time we send some out, we have to track them."

With all of the preliminary work done, they were able to start stuffing the ballots on Friday.

"Hopefully, we can get them in the mail this afternoon or possibly in the morning," Hernandez said.

According to the Texas secretary of state website, residents may vote by absentee ballot in Texas if they are 65 years or older, disabled or will be out of the county on Election Day or for the early-voting period.

In March, 1,163 absentee votes were cast in the Republican primary U.S. Senate race and 261 in the Democratic U.S. Senate race.

The next important election date to remember is Oct. 9. That's the deadline to register to vote.

Hernandez said sample ballots for the election are posted on the Henderson County website. Voters in Precinct 1A, 1M, IT and ITC in western Henderson County have the Texas House District 10 race on the ballot.

The candidates are Republican incumbent John Wray, Democrat Kimberly Emery and Libertarian Matt Savino.

All other Henderson County precincts will vote in the District 4 House election. Republican Keith Bell, Democrat Eston Williams and Libertarian D. Allen Miller are filed.

The whole county will vote in the Senate District 3 race, with incumbent Republican Robert Nichols, Democrat Shirley Layton and Libertarian Bruce Quarles entered.

U.S. Representative District 5 is on all of the county ballots. Republican Lance Gooden, Democrat Dan Wood and a write-in candidate are on the ballot in the election to replace retiring Congressman Jeb Hensarling.