Athens Review, Athens, Texas

March 2, 2013

Nothing is wasted

Area woman uses former drug addiction for good

From Staff Reports
The Athens Review


Her message is simple: “Don’t make the same mistake I made.”

Cedar Creek Lake resident Angie Evans has created a Facebook page for people who are dealing with their addictions. Her page is called “Surviving Addition.” Evans says she has received 600 likes in four weeks, 50 in one day.

Evans has a compelling story to tell about her own addiction and how she now has to live with decisions she made while addicted to methamphetamine.

“I smoked meth while I was pregnant, not once but three times,” she said. “My last born was two months premature weighing only three pounds. I went to jail three weeks later and was told that he would be adopted by my parents.”

She considers this the her rock bottom.

 “I was saved by the grace of God. I surrendered myself to God and just prayed for help,” Evans said.

She found her religion while sitting in jail.

Evans,  after accepting a plea bargain in court, spent nine months in Texarkana.

“It changed my whole life,” she said. “One day after my son turned one, I got to meet him for the first time. I live with the choices I made every day.” She is now part of her son’s life and is grateful every day.

Evans said she created the Facebook page, “Surviving Addiction,” to reach out to others in her situation. “My heart wants to help and in return it helps my heart,” she said.

Evans fought her demons and has been clean now for three years. “It’s not every day someone can complete rehab and come back to Cedar Creek Lake  to succeed,” she said.

In addition to her Facebook page she is working on a Walk for  those that lost their life to addiction or depression.

Surviving Addiction is be considered a 24-hour-per-day Narcotics Anony-mous group. Evans said the page is private and users must be accepted to have access. This was put in place because some individuals did not want their information seen by the public.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Surviving Addiction, you can find Angie Evans from Mabank on Facebook. 

“They can know someone understands their life,” she said.