Athens Review, Athens, Texas

January 21, 2013

Libertarians choose top officers for Henderson County

Chairman, Vice Chair explain their dedication to the party

Rich Flowers
The Athens Review

Athens — The chairman of the  fledgeling Henderson County Libertarian Party thinks many people share her party’s views, but don’t know it.

Desarae Lindsey of Tool was appointed to the job Jan. 1, and is hoping to grow the ranks, both in the number of members and candidates for office. Angie Patterson of Malakoff is the vice chair.

Lindsey leaned toward the Republican Party, until she compared its platform to the Libertarian’s.

“It’s basically a live-and-let-live philosphy,” Lindsey said. “We stand for smaller government, to stop policing the world, and we’re for equal rights for everybody, whether you’re a minority or not.”

Lindsey said she e-mailed the Texas Libertarian Party, and learned that there wasn’t a branch in Henderson County.

“Considering that we’ve just started doing this, I’ve been pretty impressed with the response,” Lindsey said. “In the November elections, we had 91 people in Henderson County who voted a straight Libertarian ticket.”

Lindsey is optimistic that the party can get some good candidates to run in 2014. One man has already indicated that he will run, but hasn’t decided which office he’ll be seeking.

Desarae Lindsey and her husband Tyler Lindsay have been full-time residents of the county for about two-and-a-half years.

“We were weekenders before. We moved here because we love the lake.”

Patterson grew up in Henderson County, and recently discovered that the Libertarian ideas meshed with hers.

“I was a Libertarian for years, but just didn’t know it,” Patterson said. “I’ve always considered myself fiscally-conservative. The basis for the Libertarian Party is pretty much smaller government. They want to minimize the role of the state, and maximize your personal liberty.”

Patterson thinks her biggest challenge is getting the word out.

“We’re going to start immediately. We’ve been using the social network, like Facebook, and we’ll be talking to the newspapers,” Patterson said. “We’re posting the meetings on a website called “Cedar Creek Now. The next election isn’t until 2014, so we’ve got time.”

Anyone interested can consult the Henderson County Libertarian Party Facebook Page.