Athens Review, Athens, Texas

December 11, 2012

Temperature drops suddenly

Cool front pushes temps into 30s

Rich Flowers
The Athens Review

Seven Points —

The temperature in East Texas can drop this time of year faster than Santa can fall down the chimney.

From 9 a.m. Sunday, to 9 a.m. Monday, Athens went from shirt-sleeve weather to the big chill. A strong breeze accompanied the front, and sent people searching for their winter coats.

The National Weather Service Athens location recorded a high of 77 degrees for the period, and a low of 36. That’s a big plunge, even for a place with wide temperature swings.

The NWS reports of drops of 30 degrees or more are pretty common in Henderson County, especially when hot summer temperatures soar past the century mark, then dip to the 70s overnight. According to NWS records, 40-degree drops are a rarer phenomenon.

There were no 40-degree dips last winter, but a near -miss took place in December, 2010.  That year, the temperature plummeted from a warm 83 degrees to a cool 44 degrees.

The 10-day forecast says now that the cool front is here. We can expect it to hang around for a few days. The NWS predicts the overnight low should stay in the 30s Tuesday night, and climb out of the 40s by Thursday. Mild temperatures will prevail early next week.

Although severe weather alerts were sounded in eastern Henderson County as the cool front blew through Sunday, the weather event didn’t result in much precipitation.  Athens’ rainfall for the period was only .03 of an inch, it’s first precipitation for the month. After receiving nearly eight inches of rain in December, 2011, the city is off to a slow start this year. November was also a dry month with .37 inches recorded, all of it falling on Nov. 12.