Athens Review, Athens, Texas

November 30, 2012

Good Luck Mr. Dwelle, the Review and Athens will miss you

Kathi Nailling
The Athens Review

Athens —

The Athens Review and Athens have lost one of their biggest supporters, Richard  (Dick) and Peggy Dwelle have made the move back to Dallas. The couple found a community fit for their needs and made the move on Wednesday. The Dwelles have lived in the Athens area for 63 years.

The couple became a part of the Athens Review Family in January 1949 when Dick Dwelle became the publisher/owner of the Athens Daily Review.  At the time Mr. Dwelle was publisher the Review printed four to six pages five days a week and on Thursday the Athens Weekly printed about eight pages.

All the  publishers who have come and gone from the paper they would all say the same thing 'when you need history on Athens or the Review call Mr. Dwelle. Mr. Dwelle had a wealth of history and always loved to share it with young aspiring reporters.

At the time Dwelle owned the Review the newspaper was printed on a four page, hand-fed, flat-bed press. The sheets of the paper were hand fed into a folder. Circulation for the daily was 1350 when he purchased the paper. The daily circulation grew to about 1800 during Dwelles ownership.  The Athens Weekly had about 1000 circulation.

Dick Dwelle and his son Dan started the Cedar Creek Lake paper The Cedar Creek Pilot. The Dwelles sold the paper to Donrey Media in 1986. Dwelle stayed on as a consultant for the new owners. Up until a couple of days before he left Athens to move to Dallas he visited his friends at the Review.

Dick became involved in the Athens community shortly after arriving in town. He joined the Athens Rotary Club in February 1949.

The couple were members of the First Presbyterian Church of Athens. Their neighbor Mrs. Raymond Robbins encouraged the couple to join the church. They became very involved members of their congregation.

The couple who has called Athens their home for many years will miss a number of things about living in a small town. Mr. Dwelle said “I will miss the people. They have been very nice. Peggy and I feel fortunate to have come to Athens. We hate to leave, but we think this is the best move for us. We will miss our friends and the  activities we have been involved in.”

As much as the Dwelles' will miss Athens, Athens is surely going to miss the Dwelles. Those at the Athens Review who were lucky enough to have known Dick and Peggy Dwelle will miss his visit to the paper. Dwelle has never forgotten what brought him to Athens, the Athens Review.