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October 18, 2013

Geeslin to run for second term as Commissioner

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The Athens Review

Athens — Ken Geeslin has announced that he will seek re-election for his second term as Precinct 4 Commissioner.

“I’ve worked with the constituents in Precinct 4 and Commissioners Court to preserve the integrity of government in this community, and I hope the voters will stand with me to continue the progress we’ve made the past three years,” Geeslin said.

In seeking re-election, Geeslin thanked his constituents.

“My promise for the future is to keep performing my duties in the same professional manner, and using my successful business experience to achieve great results in making Precinct 4 and to keep Henderson County a great place to live and raise our families. I continue to say ‘thank you’ for placing your trust in me and allowing me the privilege and honor to serve as your Commissioner.”

Geeslin believes he has taken his oath of office seriously, and with his unique qualifications, has lead with conservative principles. He said he felt he has had an impact on Henderson County in his Commissioner roll as a strong leader, in reaching out to the other Commissioners and other departments to drive the county's efficiencies.  This was done by upgrading the county's obsolete phone system, to accommodate the acquired Annex, with voice over Internet protocol “VOIP,” without increasing costs from the old phone system, to more importantly, cutting the cost in half starting next year with this system.

He believes this was a huge undertaking and provided savings to the county.

Geeslin worked diligently to put in place several policies for Henderson County to have standardized procedures in place for ROW usage, Cattle Guards and OSSF.

He believes that what most taxpayer’s want is transparency and to know their tax dollars are used wisely

“Therefore, I’ve strived to create quarterly reports of every aspect of work done in Precinct 4 since taking office,” he said. “Citizens can view roadwork in detail from these reports by both going to the county website, or by going to my website”

Geeslin, as a member of the county’s IT Committee has been deeply involved in many Information Technology projects over the past three years. One is upgrading the county’s website that will allow citizens more information, the ability to receive auto notification of county agendas, report problem issues and on-line payments.

He expects final development of the website to launch in November of this year. With his expertise in technology, he took it upon himself to design a seal, which was adopted as the official Henderson County Seal in 2013.

Geeslin highlights some of the accomplishments of his first term in office as: improving security and working conditions at the Precinct 4 R&B Facility in LaRue; taking very old equipment that didn’t even function, scrap metal and selling it; to acquire newer used equipment to enhance county road work productivity.

“Our reinvestment in used equipment was found by researching State and Federal surplus facilities across Texas, which I’ve negotiated some real cost savings (greater than $150K), to allow more money for road and right-of-way upgrades,” Geeslin said. “We replaced 2,800 feet of culverts that were creating considerable safety hazards for citizens during and after rain falls. We’ve performed considerable work in clearing dead trees off the right-of-way due to the drought, and then we’ve made considerable progress in upgrading roads, over 20 miles of roads in 2013 alone.”

Geeslin said that to be in incompliance with Federal and State laws with our county road signs, he rolled out a 4-year plan to immediately begin this required upgrade, which is on target to complete the end of next year.

“As promised, I've implemented recycling programs for paper, plastic, aluminum, metals, glass, oil, filters and antifreeze, and somewhere along the way, managed to reduce trash collection fees for all the Precincts and centralized tire disposal,” he said.  

Geeslin said he has not wavered from his principals, commitments or loyalty to this community.

“I regularly attend the several county board meetings and city council meetings,” he said. “I do this to listen to the folks, make suggestions. I ask and understand the needs to develop a point-of-action, to focus on my duties above politics to insure the citizen’s needs are met. I believe in hard work, standing your ground with the right decisions for the future, rather than what’s popular. I do have the citizen’s best interests at heart and the overall financial and physical well-being of the citizens is a top priority.”

Geeslin said he believes in the democratic process, and stands for the greatness of the folks in Henderson County.

“I’ve only mentioned a few of my achievements that are a testament of courage, selflessness and teamwork,” he said. 

Ken and his wife, Katherine, have four children, including Matt, John, Jennifer and Malia with four granddaughters and another to arrive in December.

Commissioner Geeslin came into office with a successful business background in Telecommunications Engineering, Operations and Construction, and with 22 years of military service.