Athens Review, Athens, Texas

March 27, 2013

Riehn starts new chapter in his life

Rich Flowers
The Athens Review

Athens —

 Richard Riehn  a former president of the Athens Kiwanis said good-bye the club, Tuesday, and told them about the new chapter he’s beginning in his life with an organization that transports Bibles to Eastern Europe.

Eastern European Mission distributes Bibles to several former Soviet block countries in the region, but most go to the Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine has been extremely hungry for the Bible’s and about 150,000  of the 283,000 total went there in 2011.

Riehn said he could really see God at work in the way doors opened for him to take a position with the ministry as a liaison with churches in Nashville, Tennessee that help support the ministry.

   “A gentleman that was the minister of our church 16 years ago came back four years ago and told our church that he had gone to work for Eastern European Mission,” Riehn said.  “About a year and a half ago I told Ben that I’d love to do that.”

Riehn said he and his wife Christine had been talking about doing something meaningful and purposeful in life. They discussed going to school in Lubbock to become missionaries, but Richard still had Eastern Europe on his heart.

He contacted the EEM group. Phone rang and it was his former pastor, who said, ” Richard, I’ve been telling the guys about you and they would like for you to come talk to them about going to work at EEM.”

  Riehn has lived in Athens for about 17 years.

 When he first heard the ministry wanted him to come to Nashville he wondered how he could sell his house and make the move.

 “About three days later an unsolicited gift was given to us of thousands of dollars,” Riehn said. “There’s a travel trailer now in our driveway for me to take to Nashville.”

He said it will be hard leaving his friends and the city he loves to move to Nashville, but he would make the same decision again in a heartbeat.  Riehn starts his new position on April 1.

  Members of the Kiwanis Club gathered around Riehn after the meeting Tuesday while Pastor Tony Romans  led the group in prayer for his new career.