Athens Review, Athens, Texas

July 19, 2013

Cup of creativity

Athens woman displaying original art exhibit at local coffee house

Kathi Nailling
The Athens Review

Athens — Gin Daniel of Athens loved drawing and sculpture at a very early age. 

“From a young age, I have been entranced with the nuances of the universal form,” she said.

After a 30-year absence, Daniel recently returned to Athens after studying and working in the Dallas and Austin areas. She said that after a stint as a professional photographer in Athens, she traveled to Dallas to study at the Dallas Creative School of Arts where she developed her skills as a sculptor. She also attended Brook Haven College in Dallas and studied under accomplished artists Ellen Soderquist and Linda Ridgeway.

While still a student, Daniel trained with internationally-recognized sculptor  Herb Goldman and learned techniques for executing large works in various materials and sizes.

Goldman is known for large-scale architectural and environmental sculptures.  His sculptures could be seen in front of Albuquerque high schools, on the University of New Mexico campus and decorating the walls of churches and synagogues.

Daniel also was able to study with sculptor Eliseo Garcia, who taught her the art of working in stone.

Daniel gets her inspiration from her grandmother.

“She was a Cherokee Indian and had strength in nature,” said Daniel.

Her “Honor Women Series” is a testament to honor her grandmother, who she says taught her about the strength of women.

Daniel gets her influence from recent sculptors such as Frederick Hart, Elizabeth Ney and Charles Umlauf.

“These sculptors offer inspiration in my continuing work in the aesthetic mode,” she said. “My present projects honoring the female have been expressions I've created to exemplify the strengths of the female. I seek to describe ‘the largeness of woman,’  pointing to her attributes, persona or character.”

The sculpture pieces vary in size from small tabletop to larger-than-life. Each can be enlarged or reduced to complement its intended environment.

“My visual works, such as photography, pastel and acrylics, can add to the viewer’s expression or be used as atmospheric enhancement,” Daniel said.

The sculptor can be found Monday through Friday at the Coffee Love Coffee House with her sculptures and paintings from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

She is currently working on opening a studio in Athens to teach serious sculptors, photographers and painters.

Daniels work can be found on her website at: