Athens Review, Athens, Texas

May 8, 2013

Mother updates son’s condition

18-year-old, about to graduate, is recovering from accident that killed two others

Kathi Nailling
The Athens Review

Athens — Kylan Jock, 18, a Eustace High School senior is still at ETMC Hospital in Tyler recovering from a car accident. Kylan was involved in a fatality automobile accident on Saturday, May 4 in Gun Barrel City.  Jock survived the collision. Two died in the car that collided with the one driven by  Jock.

Jock's mother, Jennie Morton, said “He's doing good, considering. The fact he is still alive is a miracle.”

Morton said her son suffered from a broken arm and pelvis. He also had some other medical problems, including internal bleeding. He had surgery to correct his broken arm. 

“He is not paralyzed, which is a good thing,” Morton said.

Morton said her son was in and out of consciousness, mostly because of the medication. The main concern right now is his lack of appetite.

“It's been five days since the accident, and he hasn't eaten,” she said.

Jock was on his way to work at Tiki Hut when he was hit by a car that veered into the path of his 2005 Ford Mustang in Gun Barrel City on Saturday morning. The two teens in the other car, Justin Dean Luper, 17 and Tyler James McMillan, 19, were both killed in the accident. Luper had been driving the 1998 Ford Mustang.

The members of the two families of the victims have reached out to each other, both wanting the other to know how sad they are about the accident.  Morton wanted the other family to know she did not blame anyone.

“I know how hard this is,” she said. “I had a sister killed by a drunk driver. I wanted the other family to know that we will be okay.”

She said accidents do happen. She is just glad Kylan was not a casualty.

According to Morton, Kylan remembers most of the accident, while some of it is still blurry.  He remembers the other car going from side-to-side across the road. The car ended up going in front of Jock. He told his mother it happened extremely fast. Jock was trapped inside his car, but was still alive when the Gun Barrel City Fire Department arrived.

A woman named Claudia (Morton did not know her last name) stayed with Kylan until help arrived. Claudia talked to Kylan, trying to keep him alert and calm, said Morton.

Morton credits Claudia with saving her son's life. Claudia apparently saw the accident, and couldn't believe Kylan survived. After phone calls to all area hospitals, Claudia located Kylan in Tyler, and paid a visit to the young man whose life she helped save. 

With the school year coming to an end, Jock worries he may not be able to walk across the stage at graduation. His mother has assured him she will get him across the stage, even if they have to put him in a wheelchair.

The doctors have said Jock may have to spend the next three or four weeks in the hospital. The young man will have a number of months doing rehabilitation before he is completely well.

Eustace Coach Jeff Brown visited Kylan at the hospital. The coach, one of Kylan's favorite teachers, assured him not to worry. Brown said he would make sure Kylan would be at his high-school graduation.