Athens Review, Athens, Texas

December 30, 2012

GeoComm cars roaming county to get information

Rich Flowers
Athens Daily Review

Athens — If you see cars marked GeoComm in some unusual places in Henderson County over the next couple of months, they’re probably gathering information for Henderson County 9-1-1.

Henderson County 9-1-1 Executive Director Don Houston said that beginning in January, the GeoComm representatives will be driving all of the roads of the county in order to provide a deeper critical layer of data to be used by dispatchers as they direct first responders to emergency locations.

The county 9-1-1 has entered into a contract with the Saint Cloud, Minnesota-based company to provide the service.

“When they’re finished, not only will you have an address for your house, but also a shed or other structure on your property,” Houston said.

Houston said the GeoComm technicians will be driving silver Hyundai Santa Fes and Toyota Rav4s.

The GeoComm and 9-1-1 logos will be visible on both sides of the vehicle. If the technician can’t read an address of a structure, they will stop and survey the resident.

If the resident isn’t at home, they’ll leave an information packet, including instructions for the resident to fill out an on-line survey. Any information shared by the resident will remain confidential.

“We’re not going to change any addresses, but further define the physical attributes of the existing address location,” Houston said.

Houston invites anyone with questions about the process to contact him at Henderson County 9-1-1. The number is 903-675-3911.

They can also call GeoComm Supervisor Dan Schmitz at 1-888-436-2666.