Athens Review, Athens, Texas

December 21, 2012

Area Sheriff patrols intensify

Christmas and New Years believed among deadliest times of the year for travel

Kathi Nailling
The Athens Review

Athens — You better not drink. You better not drive. You better be safe, because the sheriff departments are watching you.

According to information released by the Kaufman County Sheriff's Department, the season between Christmas and New Years is one of the deadliest and most dangerous times of the year for travel.

The KCSD will be increasing their patrols to keep the highways safe during the holiday season.

Kaufman County Sheriff David Byrnes says he has a simple message: “Don't Drink and Drive.”

He says “If you plan to drink alcohol, plan to do it safely, and have a designated driver that will be sober.”

Henderson County Sheriff Ray Nutt had this to say: “We don't have a program setup for the holidays, but we will be more aware of the fact that people may be drinking during the Christmas season. The patrols will be watching more closely during the holidays.”

Kaufman County Sheriff Byrnes stated, “We will be strictly enforcing the law prohibiting drinking and driving, as well as speeding, to help Kaufman County families enjoy a safe holiday season.”

In addition to the sheriff departments, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) issued a statement, saying they will be increasing Drive While Intoxicated (DWI)  patrols from Dec. 21 through Jan. 1. Troopers will focus on DWI patrols in high-risk areas.

Sheriff Byrnes suggests you spend the night where your party or activity is being held, and not in jail.

Report impaired drivers to the Sheriff's office by calling 911. Always wear your seatbelt. Be responsible, and do not risk lives of others by drinking and driving.

Both Henderson County and Kaufman County Sheriff Departments say they just want to see a safe and happy holiday season.