Athens Review, Athens, Texas

October 8, 2012

At forum, Sheriff’s candidates get into spirited discussion

Kazandra Gutierrez
The Athens Review

Athens — With the presidential election coming to its final month, everyone seems to be hyped up on politics, including Henderson County.

The first political forum for Henderson county candidates was held at Petersburg Baptist Church. The morning started with a 90-minute introduction from each candidate, but soon became a heated debate between Ray Nutt and Bill Burton, who are both running for Henderson County Sheriff.

Burton graduated Trinity Valley Community College and the University of Texas at Tyler. He is currently a police officer at Trinity Valley Community College. He believes his experience and qualifications on every level in the criminal justice and law enforcement make him the perfect candidate for Henderson County Sheriff.

Ray Nutt who is the incumbent running for Henderson County Sherriff, has been in law enforcement for over 40 years. Nutt says that since he has been in office, he has accomplished everything he has said he would.

“I told you some things I would do, if I got to be in office, and we did every one of them,” said Nutt. “We put more officers in the streets, because we wanted to make law enforcement a priority.”

The stir between Burton and Nutt started over a question about drugs in the county. The debate was a peaceful situation, but with some competition from both sides that lead Nutt to say, “Who would you rather elect? Someone who has 40 years experience of law enforcement, or someone who only has a couple months of experience.”

Burton and Nutt may have been the talk of the political forum, but they weren’t the only ones who attended it, there were also many other candidates.

Scotty Thomas the Republican candidate, running for County Commissioner Precinct 1, has lived in Henderson County for over 30 years.

He has been married for 28 years to his wife, Patti Sue Barnett, and has three daughters. Thomas hopes that with his experiences and values instilled in his life, he will be able to serve Precinct 1 as County Commissioner.

“I think I am the right person for this job, or else I wouldn’t be here,” said Thomas. “I have experience in the field.”

David McGlaun is the Democratic candidate running opposite Thomas for County Commissioner Precinct 1. McGlaun graduated Athens High School in 1984. He has 28 years of road construction experience, and has been working for Precinct 1 for almost five years.

He believes that his knowledge for the roads and his care for the people make him the perfect candidate for county Commissioner.

“I think I am the best candidate for this job,” said McGlaun. “I have road construction experience, and I know what it takes to complete jobs safely, effectively and efficiently.”

Linda Mrosko, who is running for U.S. Representative, is a single woman who believes that her job experience of researching and writing laws make her the right person for the job.

“I worked for a living,” said Mrosko. “Part of my job is researching and writing laws. That is what Congress does, so I feel I will fit right into that position.”

Milburn Chaney is the Republican candidate running for tax assessor. He is a member of Athens First Baptist Church. He is committed to helping people with their taxes, as well as making them lower through different laws he is working on.

“I am currently working on two laws,” said Chaney. “One of them concerning disabled veterans. I am committed to helping you with your taxes, and getting them lower through different laws.” 

Bryan Barker who is the Democrat running opposite Chaney, considers himself right for the job, because he is a hard worker and a family person, even though he doesn’t have kids.

“All I ask you for is your support, and I am sure I can get the job done,” said Barker.

Brad Miers is the Republican candidate, running for County Constable Precinct 5. He is married, and has two kids, and is a member of First Baptist church in Malakoff. He believes his many years of law enforcement experience, and working with the police department will make him the right candidate for the job.

Rick Simmons is the Democratic candidate for Henderson County Constable Precinct 5. He is a single parent who has been a part of the  Henderson County community since 1865.

Simmons has served 10 years with the Seven Points Police Department. He has 25 years’ of law enforcement experience, and is currently a Sergeant with the Tool Police Department.

If Simmons is elected, his goal is to bring the Constable's office closer to the communities it serves.

Henderson County candidates have put it all on the table. They have shared their thoughts with you, as well as some of their personal information. It is now your choice now that you elect the right person to represent Henderson County.