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May 13, 2013

Around 560 graduate from TVCC

’93 grad urges class to ‘pull over to the rest area, take time to study you’

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The Athens Review

Athens — Life is a journey that is traveled by all. With a few key tools, it can be traveled well.

That was the message keynote speaker Dr. Lamont Smith offered to the Trinity Valley Community College class of 2013 during last week’s commencement ceremonies.

“While traveling, just pull over to the rest area and take the time to study you. Get to know yourself,” he said. “Then, accept the challenge of being the best possible you.”

Smith, a member of the TVCC graduating class of 1993, is currently serving as the executive director of accountability for Lancaster Independent School District. Smith, a Cayuga native, is a former teacher and principal. In addition to TVCC, he has studied at Texas A&M Commerce, Southwestern College and Harvard Graduate School.

Smith gave the graduates four pieces of advice: be consistent, develop the ability to stop and canvas your life once in a while, make strong connections, and don’t be afraid to respond to a challenge.

“Be sure that you are thinking about the big things while you’re doing the small things,” said Smith. “Look beyond the resources that are given to you. Make new roads, new maps, new navigation systems.”

Smith said by concentrating on those four areas, a person can develop the skills needed to live a life that is successful on all levels.

“Whatever you have to offer (in life), it is of value,” said Smith.

Smith was the commencement speaker at the two graduation ceremonies for students earning their associate of applied science degrees, technical certificates and associate of arts degrees. TVCC hosted a third commencement for those completing the college’s nursing program.

During the ceremonies, several students received special recognition.

The college honored seven students who were graduating with highest honors. In order to be a highest honors graduate, a student must graduate with a perfect 4.0 grade point average. Those students were: Mallory Garcia of Athens, Kimberly Leschber of Thorndale, Jessica Loper of Athens, Renee Mathis of Mabank, Melissa Randle of Palestine, Carman Scott of Palestine and David Thrasher of Murchison.

Also, three students were presented with the President’s Award by TVCC President Dr. Glendon Forgey. The award goes to students who have shown to be strong academically while also giving outstanding contributions to the college and to the surrounding community.

The three recipients of the President’s Award were Melissa Carr of Terrell, Charlotte Crutchfield of Brownsboro and Krystle Henderson of Dallas.

Also, two members of the faculty, Jan Jennings and Dorothy Hetmer-Hinds, were given the Ray Williams Excellence in Teaching Award. That award, named for late TVCC Vice President Ray Williams, honors faculty members who display an exceptional dedication to their craft.

Students who received degrees and certificates during last week’s ceremonies were (listed in alphabetical order by hometown):

ATHENS: Roxana Aleman, AA; Carlee Andress, AA; Erik L. Angel, CER; Stephine Ariciaga, AA; Michael P. Baker, AA; Calli M. Bane, AA; Mary L. Bernard, CER; Sandra K. Bohannon, CER; Mara Bojalil, AA; Caveron D. Brown, CER; Kayle R. Brown, CER; Brandon Burkhalter, CER; Dalton J. Burts, AA; Dylan Cain, AA; Kathy C. Carrillo, AA; Alexandria N. Cochran, CER; Sasha Davis-Preston, CER; Edna Diaz, AAS; Antonio D. Dukes, CER; Jesse T. Durham, AA; Nancy Galvan*, AA; Erick Garcia, AA; Mallory A. Garcia***, AA; Crystal G. Green, CER; Shannan T. Green, CER; Gabriel Gross, AA; Kazandra Gutierrez, AA; Tiana E. Hargrave, AA; Samuel K. Haynie, AA; Mariela Hernandez*, AAS; Kimberly I. Herrell, CER; Rebecca R. Hurd, AA; Sandra M. Ibarra, AA; Kakie W. Jackson, CER; Kristi D. Jones, AAS; Brenda Juarez*, AA; Melody R. Julian, AAS; Candice R. Juvera*, AA; Tammy L. Kinzer, CER; Eduardo Limon*, AA; Kayla R. Loar, AAS; Jessica K. Loper***, AA; Aarend C. Macpherson, CER; Kenta Maeda**AA; Daisy M. Martinez*, AA; Maria B. Mendez, AA; Jonathan K. Miller, AAS; Frida K. Monjardin*, AA; Mateo D. Newman, AAS; Jessica L. Nickell, AA; Jacob A. Norsworthy, CER; Adriana Ornelas, AAT; Charmain L. Peters, AA; Tan-tinisha Ray, AA; Monte K. Regester, AA; Julia Risner, AA; Jesus E. Rodriguez, AA; Ricardo D. Rodriguez, AA; Whitney E. Rogers, CER; Graciela Sanchez*, AA; Clint Sharp, AA; David L. Simmons, CER; Alex Smith, AA; Dory Swiney, AA; Selena Torres, AA; Cruz D. Valenzuela, CER; Gabriela Valenzuela, CER; Maria R. Valle, AA; Melanie R. Wheeler, AA; Kasey L. White, AA; Kayla M. White, AA; Jazmine N. Williams**, AA.

BEN WHEELER: Kathryn B. Barnes**, AA; Joe E. Elerson, CER; Racheal-jean English, CER; Taylor L. Wilson, AA; Araceli Zarate*, AAS.

BROWNSBORO: Charlotte Crutchfield*, AAS; Elyse B. Kidd, AAS; Sabrina K. Shofner, CER; Alison F. Wonhas*, AA.

CHANDLER: Krysta S. Bunch, AA; Chelsea B. Holcomb, AA.

CRANDALL: Blake R. Bates, CER; Brandon J. Bilbrey, AAS; Brett L. Bilbrey, AAS; Alexandra D. Bullock, AA; Lindsey F. Cullum, AA; Joshua D. Good, AA; Nathan R. Hopkins, AAS; Savannah L. Houston, AAS; Kayla N. Nix, AA; Eric J. Rawlins, AA; Terri K. Tyree**, AAS; Natasha C. West, AA.

EDGEWOOD: Denna D. Bush, CER; Kimberly A. Hopgood**, AA; Kristin L. Joiner, AA; Lauren T. Murray, CER; Pamela D. Sitton, AAS; Tori R. Warner, CER.

ELKHART: Tina M. Arnold, CER; Kelsey R. Coon, AA; Elizabeth Custodio, AAS; Alissa A. Paul, AA.

EMORY: Cheryl L. Dodson*, AAS; Jason L. Petri, CER; Mark H. Russell, CER.

ENNIS: Robbi A. Kozlovsky, AAS; Cynthia J. Pruitt, AAS.

EUSTACE: Austin R. Byrne, AA; Kristin L. Cooper, AAS; Sophia Estrada, CER; Shannon L. Felts, CER; Penney R. Kile, CER; Cody L. Lowe*, AA; Travis Meeks*, AA; Jennifer K. Morrison, AA; Mariah M. Nelson, AA; Cody W. Roberts*, AA; Lauren A. Webster*, AA.

FRANKSTON: Lacrecia K. Hinton, AA; Samantha A. Marshall, CER; Brandon K. VanDeman**, AA.

GUN BARREL CITY: Kylee B. Bell, AA; Robert V. Boren, AA; Amber C. Coffey, AA; Robyn Culp*, AA; Logan C. Doherty, AAS; Rudell A. Fernandez, CER; Courtney Hanks, AA; Jeremy R. Jacobs, AA; Heather Lawrence, CER; Tiffany A. Lazek, CER; Crissy N. Linder*, AAS; Dustin U. Smith, AA; Jamie L. Snuffer, AA; Michael D. Stephens, CER; Taylor D. Youngblood**, AA.

KEMP: Brittany F. Albright*, AA; Jesse W. Albright, AA; Eric D. Castro*, AAS; Ronnie L. Donaghe, AA; Lindsey N. Eagan, CER; Jamie L. Greer, CER; Elena Henry, AA; Misty D. Hunter, CER; Robert J. Janeway, AA; Juan A. Mackinnon, CER; Stephannie M. Rowland, CER; Amanda Sanford, CER; Wendy G. Stone, AAS; Jason Stuart, AA; Wendy M. Tyler, AA; Nancy Waits, AA.

LARUE: Harlie R. Burnett*, AA; Aidee E. Ornelas, CER.

LOG CABIN: Adriana R. Stark*, AAS.

MABANK: Caleb R. Atherton, CER; Michael C. Bailey, AA; Candace A. Bieg, AAS; Courtney P. Boger, CER; Corrine J. Buckholtz, CER; Brandi C. Butts, CER; Candace D. Clayburn, AA; Melissa Compoc**, AAS; Daniel D. Dan, AA; Michell Diehl, AA; Vickey L. Doescher**, AA; Brittany D. Esparza, AA; Tyler R. Lynn, AA; Renee Mathis***, AAS; Karen A. Mcgrew, CER; Madison R. Montgomery, CER; Mallory B. Norman, CER; Lisa R. Reeves, AA; Lisa Rogers, CER; Ashley N. Sanchez, AA; Shonda Smith, AA; Deborah E. Thomas, AAS; Barbara Wilson, AA; Tiffany F. Wooley, CER.

MALAKOFF: Jesse L. Belcher, CER; Sergio Bolanos, AA; Dalia Chairez, CER; Tara N. Dotson, AA; Ty J. Harris, CER; Albin Pustejovsky, AA; Mariana D. Rivera, CER; Angelica D. Rosa, CER; Stephanie M. Weaver, AA; Jo M. Wilson, AA.

MURCHISON: Rebecca A. Bond*, AAS; Sara Collins, AAS; Deanndra R. Fullwood, AAS; Ashli N. Thrasher*, AA; David M. Thrasher***, AA; Sandy D. Thrasher**, AA.

ROYSE CITY: Kimberly M. Blair*, AAS; Stephanie L. Campbell*, AAS; Melissa J. Frajkor, AAS; Jovita James-osondu, AAS; Regeana W. Wyrick, AA.

SEVEN POINTS: Kenneth Andrews, AA; Christina L. Hawkins, AAS.

TRINIDAD: Marie H. Bannister, AA; Jessica D. Emerson, AA; Tyler A. Sapp, AA.

VAN: Zane T. Crenshaw, AAS; Maranda K. Prater, AA.

AA – Associate of Arts

AAS – Associate of Applied Science

CER – Certificate

* – denotes honors graduate

** –denotes high honors graduate

*** – denotes highest honors graduate

NOTE:  Some cities with graduates were omitted from this list due to space limitations.