Athens Review, Athens, Texas

October 24, 2013

‘Meth lab’ articles found in Payne Springs pickup

From Staff Reports
The Athens Review

Athens — On Thursday, Oct. 17  at about 3:30 p.m., Sgt. Matthew Edmonds was patrolling the Southwood Shores division located in Payne Springs off State Highway 198, when he noticed a pick-up truck hooked up by a chain preparing to tow away an RV camper. 

The Payne Springs Police Department was tipped that the RV was potentially being used as a “meth lab.”

Edmonds approached the driver of the truck who claimed to be the original owner of the camper who was prepared to repossess the camper.

Edmonds informed the owner who requested to remain anonymous that his vehicle was suspected to have been used as a “meth lab.”

Once  Edmonds informed the gentleman of this, the man gave Edmonds consent to search and investigate the inside the camper.

Once Edmonds entered the camper, he discovered nine syringes, with three of them exposed, which later tested positive on a field-testing kit for methamphetamine.

Edmonds also found several clear plastic baggies containing a crystal-like substance believed to be methamphetamine, which also tested positive in a field-test kit.

While searching the front of the camper, Edmonds found two used bottles of nail polish remover, coffee filters and glass bowls, all which are commonly used as ingredients for cooking methamphetamine.

Edmonds was brief with his report because this case is still under investigation, and a suspect has yet to be named to the public.

Edmonds also stated that “meth labs” are on the rise in the Payne Springs area. With meth and heroin on the rise, Edmonds and his officers are working around the clock to try and put a stop to the trafficking of drugs with the help of the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office.