Athens Review, Athens, Texas

March 12, 2013

Young, but experienced

Student who will enter HCLS specializes in commercial heifers

Jeff Riggs
The Athens Review

Athens — One of the participants in the Henderson County Livestock Show this year has shown other animals in the past.  But, one could assume that she specializes in commercial heifers.

Chelsey Davis, a senior at Athens High School, who will turn 18 on March 27, has shown animals for about eight of those years. Seven of those years have been strictly commercial heifers.

“I live on a family ranch, and commercial heifers is basically what we ranch,” she said. “My experience and knowledge is basically in that area.”

The reason for working so hard is not just for the victory, but for the experience.

“I do it because I like doing it,” she said. “I love the feeling of going into the show, trying my best.  The person doing this must like to spend lots of time with animals.  I always learn something new with every stock show.”

She said that in the commercial heifers category, judges are never the same.  Therefore, you have to learn, as she has, what the judges are looking for.  In this category, there is also a written test.

“I like cows.  I like them because they are interesting.  I like the different cows, with different ways.  Like people, they have their own personalities.”

Besides the pig she showed in 2005, the past seven years have been with commercial heifers, and she has placed four times, either in the Grand or Reserve Champions.

So why didn’t she also continue with pigs?

“They are very hard to keep, and we lost a lot of money,” she said. “I didn’t like to get up in the morning at 5:30 to feed them.”

She is the daughter of Melissa and Michael Davis of Athens, and the granddaughter of Deborah and Jody Jackson of Athens.  Her older brother is Terry Davis, 36, and younger brother is Justin Davis, 7.

Will Justin participate in stock show activities?

“He will,” she said. “When he is old enough.”

Sandra Choate was attending the Houston Livestock Show Saturday when contacted for her comments about Chelsey.  She is Chelsey’s ag science teacher at Athens High School.

“Chelsey has been involved in the most practical  program, that of commercial heifer, as a hands-on experience for actual livestock production,” Choate said. “

Choate had only great things to say about Chelsey.

“She is intelligent and well-versed in the livestock beef cattle industry,” Choate said. “She came to Athens in th beginning of her freshman year from Martin’s Mill.  So, I’ve had her with me for the past two years.  I enjoy having her in class, and a teacher can’t truthfully say that about all her students, but I can honestly say that about her.”

Chelsey said she tries to be a hard worker and a very good student. She also tries to keep a very high GPA.

She plans to attend classes at TVCC for two years upon graduation from AHS.  She then plans to attend Texas Tech University, leading to the career field of pharmacy.  She will major in toxicology and pharmacology.

 She believes that showing in stock shows over the years has led her to a life of success.

“It has shown me that it takes a lot of responsibility to raise livestock,” she said. “You can’t just goof off. That’s true with anything in life that makes you successful.”