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November 9, 2012

KAB Fall Clean Up and Texas Recycling coming up

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The Athens Review

Athens — Keeping the environment clean has become a top priority in today’s culture. According to local organization Keep Athens Beautiful, those in Athens will have a chance next week to make a big difference in the local environment.

On Nov. 17, Keep Athens Beautiful, the City of Athens and Allied Waste are partnering to present the annual KAB Fall Cleanup and Texas Recycling Day. That day is one of two days set aside each year to encourage residents to help keep the city clean.

During the Keep Athens Beautiful Fall Cleanup, the city and Allied Waste will open the collection site on Aaron Street free of charge to all Athens residents. The site will be open from 8 a.m. until noon, and those who can prove they live in the city – usually by providing a city water bill and driver’s license – can drop off their recyclables and waste free of charge.

“This is always a great event,” said Keep Athens Beautiful Executive Director Carol Morton. “It’s amazing how just one day can make a difference in Athens.”

Also, those who live in Athens are encouraged to pick up litter during that morning, and bring their litter to the collection site on Aaron Street. Allied Waste will provide lunch free of charge to those who take advantage of the cleanup opportunity.

KAB has hosted the annual cleanup twice a year for many years, usually in coordination with events sponsored by Keep Texas Beautiful. This year, the cleanup is in conjunction with Texas Recycles Day, and so the focus for the KAB Fall Cleanup is not just getting rid of refuse and litter around town, but on properly disposing of those materials that can be recycled.

Allied Waste will have their recycling truck available at the Aaron Street collection site during the cleanup.

Also, free electronic waste and cardboard recycling will be available at this year’s fall cleanup.   Sims Recycling Solutions will be at the collection site for the electronics.

Since recycling in this area is voluntary, and not mandatory, said Morton, people can easily get confused about what materials can be recycled.

“The good part about recycling in Athens is that Allied Waste will pick up recyclables in bulk.  That means the homeowner doesn’t have to separate their paper from their plastic, etc.,” said Morton. “All an Athens resident has to do to get started on recycling is to call Allied Waste, and request a recycling bin. Then, Allied will pick up materials left in that bin once a week. It’s a small way that every home in Athens can make the world a cleaner place.”

How do I recycle?

Materials that can be reused include glass, plastics, aluminum, tin/steel cans and newsprint.

All containers submitted for recycling should be empty and rinsed. Labels may be left on containers. At this time, we are unable to recycle glass.

All plastics are permitted. However, the plastic bags used for groceries can be recycled by dropping them off at the collection bin in the Walmart Super Center and Brookshire’s on East Tyler Street.

The only aluminum for curbside recycling is beverage cans. Please do not include aluminum foil, food trays or aluminum siding.

Newsprint – including newspapers, advertising inserts, magazines, telephone books, office (copier/typing) paper, and envelopes – are allowed. Please do not put newsprint out for collection, if a potential for rain exists. Newsprint cannot be accepted, if wet.

To obtain a recycling bin, call Allied Waste at 903-675-1276. Recycling pickups are done within the City of Athens on Thursday for those who live west of State Highway 19, and on Fridays for those who live east of State Highway 19.