Athens Review, Athens, Texas

May 11, 2013

Deadline to file notice of tax protest May 31

Rich Flowers
The Athens Review

CHANDLER —   Henderson County property owners have until the end of the month to file a formal protest of their 2013 tax appraisal.

Chief Appraiser Bill Jackson said the deadline to file a notice of protest is May 31. The Appraisal Review Board will start hearing the protests  a couple of weeks later.

The Appraisal Review Board is “an independent panel of citizens responsible for hearing and settling protests from property owners who disagree with some action of the appraisal district. The board only has authority over protests submitted to it. It has no day-to-day role in the operations of the local appraisal district office.

Each spring, Jackson’s office sends letters to citizens if the appraised value of the property is at least $1,000 more than in the preceding year. Jackson said about 10,000 letters went out this year.

The letter informs the taxpayer of the land’s value, the value of any improvements that might have been made in the past year, and the increase in value over the previous year. Also included in the information is last year’s tax rate, and this year’s estimated tax.

Jackson said the number of protests was relatively low last year because we didn’t see a large increase in real estate  values. He expects more of the same this year.

How the appraisals ultimately affect the actual tax will not be known until local taxing entities, such as school districts, municipalities and the county, set their rates in August and September.

Improvements that might affect the appraised value are changes such as adding  a new building, a fence or any other type of fixture to the land.

If the property owner has any questions about the numbers, they can contact the HCAD at 903-675-9296.