Athens Review, Athens, Texas

May 11, 2013

A very special mother

This mom loves every minute of motherhood

Kathi Nailling
Associated Press

Athens — Every child deserves to be brought into this world surrounded by love. Adoptive mother Tosha Spain hopes that is what she gave her new daughter, Harper Faith. And, that is what Harper has already given to Tosha.

Little Harper, 19-months-old, was born addicted to drugs. Tosha says when she was asked to adopt Harper, she had to do some deep soul searching. In the end she knew she wanted the baby.

Tammy Spain, Tosha's mother, was the one who nominated her daughter for the Athens Review Mother's Day Story.

The proud grandmother (G.G.) had this to say about her daughter: “A lot of thought and prayer went into her decision to adopt Harper.  Tosha is single, and  also a coach at TVCC, where she coaches volleyball. She has 12 girls that are like her own. At first, Tosha was not sure if it was fair to Harper to just have a mom, or if it would be better for her to go to a family with a mom and dad. After a lot of prayer, she decided she would start the adoption process. Harper was placed with Tosha on Feb. 2, 2012.

“When the CPS lady brought Harper, it was a very scary but happy day. Little Harper was scared, as was Tosha. It was all new to both of them. Harper was sick when she came to her new home, and the second day she was there, motherhood began with a doctor's visit.

“Harper coming into Tosha’s life has truly been a blessing for both of them. Harper has taught Tosha so much, and  brought so much happiness into the family. If you ever see these two, you would never know that Harper is adopted.

“All I know is that the world is a better place with people like Tosha in it, because we have so many little ones that need homes,  and it takes special people to open their hearts to the unknown. Tosha’s days now consists of daycare, dirty diapers, doctor visits, walks in the park, zoo trips and many more things. And as she has stated, she wouldn't change it for the world.

“Tosha says Harper is her smile, but I believe Tosha is Harper’s smile. Harper may not have grown under Tosha’s heart, but she grew in her heart.”

Tammy said, “As Tosha's mom, I want to say I am beyond proud of Tosha, and what she decided to do. It has been a long rough road. Harper has had a lot of sickness, but Tosha never hesitated, and  has handled better than I could have ever thought she would have. I'm extremely proud to call her my daughter.”

Harper was formally adopted in October 2012.

Thirty-year-old Tosha said she thought some day she would adopt a child, but she had not planned to adopt in the manner she did.

“I think Harper was just supposed to be part of our family,” she said.

The single mother says she has no regrets. Her favorite part of being Harper’s mom is when she comes home from a hard day at the college, her daughter makes everything okay.

“Harper just wants to play or hug and kiss me. It makes the stress from the day disappear,” said Tosha. “She loves me. We are still working to get Harper healthy.”

 She was born into this world with a lot of medical issues.  The little girl spent 22 days in ICU after she was born. She was placed in foster care for the first three months of her life. 

“It breaks my heart to think of the things Harper has been through in her short life,” Tosha said.

Everything in Tosha's life has changed since Harper came into her world. She says everything has changed for the best. She said she doesn't have time to think about herself. All her energy is focused on the little girl she calls her daughter, Harper. 

Through the ups and downs of Harper’s many illnesses, the proud mother says,  “I wouldn't trade what I have now for anything.”

Tosha says she has to admit little Harper is spoiled.

“She has her Pop and GG wrapped around her little finger. My dad can't say no to her.”

Tammy Spain (GG) said, “She's my smile. I never knew I had an empty heart until Harper entered our family.”

John Steinbeck once said, “Perhaps it takes courage to raise children.”

Tosha Spain says, “The love you get from raising a child is all you need.”