Athens Review, Athens, Texas

June 17, 2013

NISD to vote on Wooten

Brownsboro HS principal gets voted on Thursday

Joe Elerson
The Athens Review

Athens — BROWNSBORO — Kenneth Wooten, Brownsboro High School’s principal since 2007, is set to be voted on regarding the vacant principal’s position at Nacogdoches ISD.

According to an agenda posted on the Nacogdoches website, the school board is scheduled to discuss the high school principal’s position in private session. Any action regarding that disucssion, if any, would then happen in open session in public view.

“I cannot speak for Nacogdoches because I know they have not had their board meeting yet ...,” Brownsboro Superintendent Chris Moran said. “At that point, they are planning to hire Kenneth.”

Moran described Wooten as a top-notch leader during his time at BHS.

“You hate to lose a key player like Kenneth Wooten,” Moran said. “He is very skilled and it is not a surprise that a larger school wanted him. We now have to find a new captain of our ship to lead our high school.”

Moran said the school district has certain criteria it is looking for in its next high school principal.

“The candidate that we need is someone that is outstanding with the community, has strong instructional experience and works strong with the district,” Moran said.

The school board will begin the search of going through applications and hopes to find a candidate in the next few weeks.

The job has already been posed on the Brownsboro ISD website and plans are in the works to start interviewing candidates on July 9.

“I think Brownsboro ISD will hire a great principal to lead the district,” Moran said. “We will go through the normal process and we will see what type of applicants we can get.”

Moran also said with this being the last two weeks of June, the timing is not ideal for a big search.

“This is definitely not our first rodeo and that is what we are working on right now,” Moran said. “I think if we are fortunate to have somebody by late July that would be ideal.”

Moran praised the leadership of Wooten during his time with the school district.

Moran said he was pleased with the job that Wooten did at the high school and is thankful for everything he did at their leader.

“Kenneth Wooten has done a fantastic job here,” Moran said. “We count ourselves as fortunate to have worked with him and I know he will do great things in Nacogdoches. We also thank him for all of the time that he has invested in our students here at Brownsboro.”