Athens Review, Athens, Texas

January 16, 2014

Welcomed feet relief

Product presented to Biotech for PPK sufferers

Rich Flowers
The Athens Review

Athens — Most people have never heard the term Planar Porokeratoses, but those who’ve experienced the foot pain it brings will never forget.

Donald G. Ashburn, a physicist, entrepreneur and developer of products, was in Athens on Friday to demonstrate a product to Biotech Manufacturing Center in Athens created to bring welcome relief to PPK sufferers. Ashburn met with Biotech officials to enlist the manufacturing incubator’s services to get the TransDerm Solutions treatment to a wider market.

“I was in the Da Ching oil fields of North China,” Ashburn said. “I was traveling to Taiwan to try to license the Formosa group with some new technology I’d found.  I got there and my feet was just killing me.”

After tramping about town, the pain was relentless. He returned home, and met with a podiatrist who gave him the PPK diagnosis. He had surgery on his foot, but the healing time took six to eight weeks. That was followed by an occurrence on the other foot and another surgery.  By the time one foot would heal, the other would start developing the symptoms again.

Ashburn began to study the problem, and learned there were hundreds of approaches. Ashburn found one treatment sold over the counter in drug stores that seemed to help more than the others.

“The problem is you had to apply it twice a day, every day, and it could take 10 to 12 weeks to show any results at all,” Ashburn said.

Ashburn decided that the key was to try to get the chemical to go deeper beneath the surface to quickly crumble the horn-like substance.

“I realized I needed something to take advantage on entropy and let that drive it in,” Ashburn said.

Dwight Bates, attending podiatrist at Disciples Clinic in Athens was present at the meeting. Bates said he has treated many feet in his career, but his first-hand knowledge of the agony endured by PPK sufferers goes beyond his professional experience.

“I never really knew what all of the excitement was about until I got one,” Bates said. “The intolerable pain is like being cut with a knife and a pin being pushed into the skin.”

Ashburn learned of Bates condition and contacted him, telling him about his new treatment. The treatment requires no surgery,  no needles and no anethesia. It produces its benefits quickly, Ashburn said.

“I didn’t believe him,” Bates said. “I’d been hearing about treatments for 30 years. Treatments have involved cutting away the bone, burning the skin, cutting the skin, freezing the skin and none have been entirely satisfactory.”

Bates decided to try the treatment on himself.

“I didn’t feel pain, so I knew his system was at least not going to do damage to my old frail foot,” Bates said.

The Porokeratoses is caused by a virus and creates hard deposits in the foot similar to the makeup of a rhinocerous horn.

The topical treatment is applied, and in a couple of days the rock hard keratotic core crumbles away like wet clay. Ashburn said there is no pain during the treatment, and no damage is done to healthy skin around the core.

The treatment is applied in three stages. Step one takes about 20 to 30 minutes. The foot is then bandaged during the cure period for 24 to 48 hours. The final step requires a return to the clinic and takes two to three hours.

Anyone who would like to learn more about the product or how to place an order can look at the TransDerm Solutions website.