Athens Review, Athens, Texas

January 16, 2014

New lights coming to Bear Stadium?

Chad Wilson
The Athens Review

Athens — As each bulb burns out, Brownsboro's Bear Stadium grows darker.

The simple step would be to replace the burnt-out bulb, but with old wiring, that simple step is all but eliminated.

“This goes back to a conversation we had about a year, or a year-and-a-half ago,” Superintendent Dr. Chris Moran said. “I went to Kevin, and asked why is was dark on the football field. If you go to some of the other stadiums, it is brighter. He said we needed new lights, and our conversation went to replacing the lights. We can't just unscrew a bulb, and put another one in.”

Brownsboro Independent School District Director of Operations Kevin McCarthy said the bulbs are not so much the problem, as the wiring is outdated and fragile.

“If you take the wires off, they will crumble in your hand,” McCarthy said. “The wiring to the poles is brand-new, but the wiring inside the poles is outdated, along with the cage wiring up-top. We just need to rewire the inside and put new cages up-top.”

Three bids have been submitted to the district for repair and replacement of the four light poles at the stadium.

“This is not an action item, but we wanted to prepare the board for what is coming down the road. We are going to have to do it at some point,” Moran said.

Techline Sports Lighting provided a complete bid with an estimate total of $149,000 to replace all four poles and pole wiring. Other companies provided bids of a lesser amount that only included replacing the wiring.

Techline is the same company that installed the new lights at the district's baseball, softball and tennis facilities.

During the superintendent's report in Monday's regularly-scheduled school board meeting, Moran and assistant superintendent Trampas Bass gave an update on the 2014-15 academic calendar.

Four calendars have been proposed and are expected to be submitted to teachers and staff across the district for voting. Once a favorite is determined by the district, it will be proposed to the school board for approval.

The first draft was similar to this year's calendar and included a full week out of school for Thanksgiving and six early release days. School would start Aug. 25 and end June 4.

A second calendar includes the week off for Thanksgiving, but reduces the early release days to two. School would start and end on the same days as proposal one.

Proposals three and four limit the Thanksgiving break to three days, while early release days vary. School ends June 2 on the final two proposals.

The board approved all five action items presented. Those items include the consent agenda, financial audit for the 2012-13 school year, campus improvement plan, change of date for the March board meeting and sale of a house owned by the district on Fulgham Circle in Brownsboro for $93,000.

Due to spring break, the March school board meeting originally scheduled for March 10 was moved to March 3.