Athens Review, Athens, Texas

January 15, 2014

Under construction

Weather halts MISD track, stadium redo

Joe Elerson
The Athens Review

Athens — Due to the recent rains and cold weather that we have experienced across Henderson County, the Malakoff Independent School District is behind schedule on track improvements at Tiger Stadium.

Dr. Randy Perry, superintendent of schools at Malakoff ISD, said Hellas Construction Co. is currently in a waiting period for the grounds around the stadium to dry up, so they can continue work on the improvements at the campus.

He said the latest improvements were paid for by the Malakoff school board after looking into the possibility of a bond election over the summer.

“I am glad that we are getting the track replaced. We looked at wants versus needs, and we knew that the track needed replaced,” Perry said. “We looked at the lights and those are 30-years-old. We looked at the cost to replace them, and the board decided it was best to do those two things and get the stadium up to standards.”

Perry said this has been a 2-year process, and with these improvements, it will help those in the community who also use the stadium.

“It is not only used by the school, but by some of the folks in the community that come out here and walk,” Perry said. “It had a swell to it on the visitors’ side, and we had some weeds growing up in parts of it.”

With the success of the football team this past season, Perry said there have been talks to make additional improvements with artificial turf on the football field, and also replacing the concession stands, but that is currently on hold.

“We want to be able to provide the best facilities that we can for the students at Malakoff ISD,” Perry said. “Right now, all of our programs are very successful in football, basketball, track and cross-country, and we want the best facilities for all of the kids here at the school.”

He said they also will be getting new lights around the stadium, as they currently have the poles up, but are waiting to get the cranes out to put the new fixtures in place.

“We noticed that the lighting was a little dingy during the football season,” Perry said. “We are glad that we could do these things, because the stadium is used quite heavily in the community.”

Once workers can get back out to the stadium, Perry said they will be on a tight schedule to try and get everything ready before March.

“Once the construction company can get the base put down, it takes 21-days before they will allow anybody to get on the track,” Perry said. “We hope to have it done and ready to work on it by the start of track season.”