Athens Review, Athens, Texas

December 10, 2013

Leaky situation

Judicial Complex roof leak causing damage

Kathi Nailling
The Athens Review

Athens — Judge Carter Tarrance of the 392nd Judicial District Court said he wants something done about the leaky judicial complex roof before rainwater does more damage inside. 

The much needed rain in Henderson County has caused havoc at the judicial complex. The building, formerly a Safeway store, is located on Prairieville St. in Athens.

According to Judge Tarrance, the building has leaked for 14 years.

Tarrance said, “It is leaking like a sieve.” 

According to the dictionary this is a phrase commonly used to say that something is leaking profusely when it is not supposed to leak at all.

Judge Tarrance said the roof has been repaired many times, but it continues to leak. He says the installation is falling out and he suspects there is water in the walls of the building.

Tarrance said he was concerned about a mold problem within the walls, if something is not done to stop the leaking.

Henderson County Judge Richard Sanders said he is working with engineers to come up with a solution for the roof leaking problem. Sanders said he has engineers looking into the situation.

“When you spend over $100,000 of the county's money you need advice from engineers,” Sanders said. “The lifetime of a new roof is important. We need to make sure when we replace the roof, it lasts.”

Sanders said a new roof has not been budgeted in the 2014 budget, but Sanders expects the commissioners to vote on an emergency expenditure the first half of the new year. 

“I am working on it and hope to have a

solution in January or February,” Sanders said.

Sanders said they have patched the roof a few times. Because of the amount of rain the county has seen lately, Sanders, talking about the leaking, said, “I believe this is the worse it has ever been.”

Sanders said the commissioners will definitely be looking into it.

Judge Tarrance said the problem is dangerous with water standing in the light fixtures. He said there is about $30,000 of telephone and computer equipment being protected by an umbrella.

“It's a pathetic situation,” said Tarrance.

Currently there are trash cans placed within the courthouse to catch the water. Tarrance said this is nothing new, it leaks every time it rains.