Athens Review, Athens, Texas

January 12, 2013

Boots on the ground

GeoComm officials checking on 9-1-1 addresses

Rich Flowers
The Athens Review

ATHENS — GeoComm Inc. representatives are traveling the roads of Henderson County to be sure every structure in the area has a 9-1-1 address. It’s part of a plan to help direct first responders to emergency locations.

Henderson County 9-1-1 Executive Director Don Houston said the county 9-1-1 department has entered into a contract with the Saint Cloud, Minn.-based company to provide the service.

GeoComm officials began early this week despite heavy rains in the area.

“They’re out driving the highways and byways of Henderson County today doing their verifications,” Houston said.

If your address checks out, you probably won’t be aware of the GeoComm technicians in your neighborhood. If, however, the address of a structure on your property is not visible, they’ll need to stop and ask a few questions. If the resident is not home, GeoComm will leave a packet which includes instructions for the resident to fill out an online survey.

Houston said his office will not micromanage the GeoComm employees while they’re working in the county, but will lend a hand when needed.

Houston said GeoComm officials are driving Hyundai Santa Fes and Toyota Rav4s. The vehicles are silver-gray or white in color with GeoComm and 9-1-1 logos visible on both sides. The officials will be wearing GeoComm identity badges.