Athens Review, Athens, Texas

July 26, 2013

Fight of his life

Former AHS student Nava needs kidney donation

Joe Elerson
The Athens Review

Athens — A former Athens High School kicker is in the fight of his life as he is looking for a kidney donation. Angel Nava, 25, has been dealing with kidney failure since April 18, 2011.

Nava was a member of the 2006-2007 Hornets football team. He also spent time as a kicker for the Texas Xtreme semi-pro football team.

His sister, Jennifer Nava, is currently looking for someone who would be willing to help donate a kidney, since her brother is O-positive.

“About six months before that date, after he would eat he would become sick. And one morning he had gone to work and came back home,” Nava said. “We went to the hospital and they ran a couple of tests and they came back and said something was wrong with his kidneys.”

Jennifer said Angel was transported from Athens to Tyler to figure out what was wrong and that is when he heard the news.

“His kidney's had shrunk to half of what their normal size is supposed to be,” Jennifer said.

“That following Monday he started dialysis and has been in treatment ever since,” she said.

Angel currently does dialysis three times a week and is depending on a machine to help him during this process.

“Really, I am trying to spread the word and find him a kidney,” Jennifer said. “That is what he is needing right now and with his blood type being an O-positive, it could be like four-to-five years to find him a kidney. He is currently on the waiting list.”

Jennifer said the family is not looking for blood donations, but assistance is needed in cutting down on the time it will take to find him a new kidney.

“Right now, he has his ups and downs,” Jennifer said. “After dialysis, you can tell that is his worst time. Other than that, he is coping with it well, but I can tell that it bothers him.”

Jennifer said Angel is fighting with everything he has right now to get through this difficult chapter in his life.

“He has been a soldier about it,” Jennifer said. “My mom is the most distressed about it right now and he has almost given her comfort over his situation. Some times he will be mad at the world over his situation and he was never like that before the diagnosis.”

Jennifer said if anyone would like to help, they can contact her at 903-203-4774.