Athens Review, Athens, Texas

October 29, 2012

Observe where your taxes are going

Rich Flowers
The Athens Review

Athens — Henderson County tax statements have gone out to thousands of property owners this month.

Before the taxpayers send that check to Tax Assessor/Collector Milburn Chaney, it might be good to take a look at the statement, and see where the money is actually going.

Because the county handles the billing for 27 taxing entities, several totals are listed on the statement. A sample statement based on a property with a taxable value of $100,000 will help show how the money is distributed.

Seven taxing entities are listed on the bill in alphabetical order, beginning with the local school district, and ending with the tax for the Trinity Valley Community College district. The total payment due, adding up all seven entities is $2,323.59.

The Athens Independent School District gives its homeowners a $15,000 homestead exemption, brining the taxable value of the property down to $85,000 for the sample.

At a rate of 1.18647, the property owners’ AISD tax comes to $1,008.50.

The sample homestead is located in the city of Athens, and is assessed a city-property tax. At a rate of .63039 per $100 valuation, the city share is $630.39.

Athens water tax rate is .12467, and the amount taxed totals $124.67.

Henderson County’s tax rate of .40529 generates $405.29 of the total tax. This is to pay the county’s general fund expenses and debt service. The  County Road and Bridge tax generates funds for the precincts to use for services such as repairs.

This year’s rate of .013092 makes the payment due $13.09.  The county tax rate has changed little in recent years and the total 2013 rate of .4726580 is lower than the $.491649 adopted in 2006.

The County Farm-to-Market and Flood Control Fund accounts for $52.64 of the bill and the Trinity Valley Community College portion comes to $89.

Payments are due by the end of January. If the $2,329.59 total is not paid by that date, a 7-percent penalty is charged, raising the bill to $2,486. If the bill is not paid by the July deadline, the bill swells to $4,368.35.