Athens Review, Athens, Texas

October 24, 2012

Red Dot 100x Director speaks to Kiwanis members

Rich Flowers
The Athens Review

Athens — Red Dot 100x Director Tod Bush told the Athens Kiwanis Tuesday that his company is committed to using its resources to achieve other goals besides turning a profit.

Tod stressed that Red Dot, founded by his father Lee Bush in 1964, is a for-profit business, but believes that the money the company makes can be used to make a difference in the lives of many people.

As the company prospers, the employees will benefit, as well as those it deals with in the local community, and others around the world.

“Our vision at Red Dot is to serve others with integrity and excellence, as we use our influence to inspire and impact the world for good,” Bush said.

Much of that impact is through the 100x program. The name 100x comes from the Biblical story of the sower who tossed seed unto the ground.

In Mark, chapter 4, Jesus explains that most of it landed on rocky soil, or was choked by weeds. The remainder of the seed fell on good soil, and produced a crop, multiplying 30, 60, or even 100-fold.

Bush said the company encourages its  people to be eyes and ears of the local community, and helps empower them to minister. An example of putting that into practice is when a worker at the plant told company officials that he knew of an elderly woman who needed a wheelchair ramp. The company funds materials to do the project. The employee helps supply the labor.

“At Red Dot, our core purpose is honoring God by managing all of our resources as He would,” Bush said. “We try to maximize all that was intrusted to us.”

Teams of Red Dot employees often travel on short-term mission trips around the world. Ethiopia, Russia, Kenya, Romania, Peru, Guatemala and Honduras are stops they’ve made in the past.

A major focus of the program is to reach out to orphans in places like South America and Africa.

“There’s nothing to play with in these orphanages,” Bush said. “There are cinder-block walls, and nothing else.”

During the week, the team will conduct a Vacation Bible School and a carnival celebration. Bush says the economy has kept them from making an international trip for the past couple of years.

Red Dot also does company-wide local-outreach events. At Christmas, through the help center, they identify 60 poor families, and arrange for them to have a celebration.

“We’ve adopted them, and shut down for the day,” Bush said. We send teams of people to Walmart to buy gifts for the kids, and food for the families. We wrap them up, and send teams to deliver them around town.”