Athens Review, Athens, Texas

October 16, 2013

Brothers chose not to run

Sons of Payne Springs Mayor will still have names on ballot

Kathi Nailling
The Athens Review

Athens — PAYNE SPRINGS – Mayor Rodney Renberg's two sons have made the decision not to run for the City Council positions open on the Payne Springs Council.

During the Tuesday evening council meeting, Joshua Renberg said he had moved out of the Payne Springs city limits, and would not be eligible to to run for a council position. Renberg told the council he may not be eligible now, but he would be back to sit on the council some day.  Renberg told the Athens Review, “I will be surprised if we have a city police department in a couple of months due to a negative city council.”

According to reports, during the September Council meeting, some of the council members questioned if Renberg lived within the city limits of Payne Springs.   During Tuesday night’s  meeting, Renberg made comments about Councilman Michael McDonald not liking him. 

He said “I know there are people on the council who don't like me, but the feelings are mutual.”

Renberg said there was a conflict of interest on the council because City Councilman Michael Juica and City Secretary Karen Juica were married.  Karen Juica is also Payne Springs Municipal Judge. The council members did not comment about Renberg's remarks.

Daniel Renberg, who is Joshua Renberg's brother, is also on the Nov. 5 ballot for city council. Daniel Renberg sent a note to the city council  with Mayor Renberg resigning from the council election.  Renberg said he was withdrawing due to hardships in his life.

Joshua Renberg and Daniel Renberg were among five candidates signed up to run for the three open positions on the council. The other three candidates are incumbent Linda Carr, Ron Spahlinger and former Payne Springs Mayor Ethel Hagin.

The two brothers’ names will still appear on the ballot.  Neither Renberg will accept the position if they win.

Councilwoman Carr said that due to the fact the two Renbergs have made the decision not to run for council, the eligibility item on the agenda is no longer a question. Carr went on to explain why she put the Censure of Public Officials item on the agenda.

“In politics, a censure is an alternative to more serious measures against misconduct or dereliction of duty,” she said. “Council members are responsible for their actions. We just need to follow the rules.”

The city council went into executive session to discuss city litigation and City Secretary Karen Juica's yearly review and possible raise.  After 30 minutes, the council emerged from executive session and voted unanimously to give Juica a $1.50 an hour raise.

In other council news, former Mayor J.T. Noble asked the council to disannex  his property. He said he fell within the guidelines of disannexation.

Councilman McDonald made a motion to disannex property located on County Road 2507, County Road 2930, County Road 2501 and County Road 2502. This would include Noble's property. The council voted unanimously to deannex the 4 to 5-mile area.

The council voted to have Council member Juica check into the price of security cameras for city properties.